The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

maps_ugcRegister for vaccination

Vaccination of immobile patients

Specifics of vaccination of immobile persons, who are 80 years and older.

Central reservation system

Information about the Central Reservation System.

Certificate of Vaccination

Information about the document providing that you have been vaccinated.

Frequently asked questions to the Ministry of Health

Summary of FAQs of atypical situations during registration for vaccination, with which citizens turn to the Ministry of Health

From registration to vaccination

What will be the whole process that awaits you during the vaccination?

General vaccination of citizens

Phase II information - the possibility to get vaccinated if you are neither a healthcare professional nor a risk group.

Glossary of terms connected to vaccination

An explanation of terms you will hear more often now.

How does the prioritization system works?

Informations about the vaccination order of each risk groups.

How exactly will the vaccination process look like?

Informations about what will await oneself at a vaccination point.

I registered for vaccination, but I have nowhere to enter my PIN2, or I did not receive it

An explanation of why PIN2 may not arrive immediately after registration for vaccination and why you did not receive a vaccination date

I would like to help an elderly to register to the vaccination booking system

A guide for those helping an elderly out with booking his/her timeslot in order to get vaccinated.

List of vaccination centers

A detailed list of vaccination centres.

Registration and reservation process

Description of the registration and reservation for the Covid-19 vaccine.

Telephone assistance with vaccination registration for seniors

A list of hotlines to help you with vaccination registration.

Vaccination for foreign nationals

Pravidla úhrady očkování zdravotní pojišťovnou pro cizince.

Vaccination of people with limited legal capacity

The same rules apply for vaccination against covid-19, as for any other vaccination.

Vaccination timeline

Vaccination timeline, registration, etc.

Where can I register myself to the vaccination timeslot booking system?

Links, via which you can register yourself to the booking system and book a timeslot for your vaccination.

Which informations will I be supposed to enter when registering to the vaccination timeslot booking system?

An overview of informations needed to be provided when registering to the vaccination timeslot booking system

Who will be vaccinated first?

Description of phases 1A and 1B - priority groups will be firstly vaccinated