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Central reservation system

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.


You can find the description of the Central Reservation System below. Further details on how to register can be found here. 

What is the Central Reservation System?

It is a system that connects citizens who want to be vaccinated with vaccination sites. You register through the website and you will receive a vaccination date. The system works similarly to the antigen testing system. The Central Reservation System (CRS) works as registration and reservation for vaccination and fully provides you through the vaccination process. The system is designed to support prioritization. It is designed so that the registration can be done on behalf of the elderly (by family members, social workers, general practitioners, or it is possible to use the helpline 1221). The system is linked to the Infectious Diseases Information System (ISIN).

How the CRS works, and what can it do?

The CRS is not just a standard reservation system for vaccinations. It also provides non-standard booking processes (two dates at different intervals depending on the type of vaccine) and ensures a second “available” date for vaccination. Besides, it includes a prioritized parameters calculator. It adjusts the prioritization of parameters based on vaccine state of supply, the interest of citizens in vaccination, and occupancy of vaccination sites. The CRS is identical for the whole Czech Republic. The connection to the ISIN is important, for example, for issuing and verifying vaccine certificates, which includes support for mobile devices and compatibility with the EU and WHO standards, or the electronic vaccination card.

All types of vaccination sites must use the CRS (except for the GPs once they are involved in vaccination). The CRS processes personal data based on Article 6 (1) (e) and Article 9 (2) (i) of the GDPR as necessary for the fulfillment of the task performed in the public interest entrusted as administrator by the Ministry of Health in the field of public health and the protection against serious health threats. The persons interested in vaccination will be informed about the processing of their data filled in the form. The GDPR Regulation carries out the processing of personal data. 

The system works on the principles of central registration and prioritization, as well as central reservation management due to the nature of the process and the need for capacity management concerning vaccine supplies. Therefore, it is not possible to use the existing reservation systems by the health care providers, because there is no mechanism for passing detailed information about the current priority groups. The form is the starting point for entering the vaccination process. The system provides access to vaccination registration from one place (form/web MH). It is required to fill in the form. The person who expresses his / her interest in carrying out the vaccination is provided with the information necessary to carry out the vaccination.

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