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Certificate of Vaccination

If you need to change the date of the second dose of the vaccine, you can use the online reservation system, as well as contact the 1221 hotline or your vaccination point itself. Please check the Vaccination Points Report (in Czech only) to find out which date changing option is supported by your vaccination point or if there are any at all. Not every vaccination point supports that, some vaccination points in turn have a preferred date changing option.

We ask you not to cancel your registrations and reservations at vaccination sites at the last minute (48 hours in advance), this disrupts the distribution of vaccines and may lead to their degradation.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused problems not only to international transport but to many other businesses such as catering and accommodation services which had to stay closed. The pandemic has harmed our everyday life. The only way to get back to the normal (pre-pandemic) way of life is to get vaccinated.

Remember that a person is considered fully vaccinated 14 days after getting the last dose of vaccine. 14 days after the last dose of vaccine, it will no longer be necessary to have a negative test in some establishments for permission to enter, and it will also make it easier for you to travel to countries that already accept the certificate as well as return to the Czech Republic. The number of these countries will increase but it always depends on the negotiated agreements, the list of countries that are currently accepting the certificate as proof of vaccination can be found below in the questions, to find out the conditions of entry to each country you can use the Traveller's Map.

The easiest way to prove absence of infection (either by vaccination or test) are the Tečka (Dot) and čTečka applications. The čTečka application, which is used to scan QR codes by which someone proves its absence of infection, can recognize whether the QR code on the certificate (downloaded in Tečka (Dot) app, or printed on a paper, for example) is really genuine, not forged. Vaccination and testing serve to reduce the Covid-19 pandemic, and the fact that we must prove absence of infection with them is a necessary restriction. But since this limitation is already in place, please, use these applications to prevent possible certificate forgery. Detailed user guides to the apps can be found at (in Czech only).

General Information

After the first dose of vaccination, you can go to (Citizen's vaccination portal) and apply for a certificate. From June 1st, new certificates will be issued to make life easier - both when lifting the rules and regulations and when travelling. These new certificates will be in accordance with the newly adopted rules for certificates within the EU. There are 3 types of certificates, depending on what can be proven by the certificate:

1. Certificate of having survived a Covid-19 infection in the past, provided it has been issued no longer than 180 days after your first positive PCR test result. You will also not find this certificate on the portal if it has not yet been 10 days since the first positive PCR test. Certificates of past disease are available 10 to 180 days after the first positive PCR test.

2. A negative test result certificate, which can be both:

  • Certificate of having undergone an antigen test 
  • Certificate of having undergone a PCR test

Especially in the case of a certificate of a negative PCR test, its generating may take longer, mainly due to possible time delays in the registration of the test result by the laboratory. Additionally, the evaluation of the test by the laboratory usually takes several hours. Therefore, if you do not find a certificate of the performed test on the portal, we recommend that you contact the laboratory that evaluated your test to find out whether the result was properly sent to the Information System of Infectious Diseases (Informační systém infekčních nemocí - ISIN).

3. Vaccination Certificate, two types according to the vaccination phase:

  • Certificate after full vaccination 

Certificates are available after both the first and second dose of vaccine. The certificate is considered valid (when checked via the QR code it lights up green) 14 days after the last dose. If you have been administered the second dose, only the certificate for the second dose is visible.

The certificate will state your name, surname and date of birth. You will use it to prove yourself (whether in paper form or downloaded on your phone, tablet or the Tečka (Dot) application when entering establishments, during possible inspections, etc.

If you come across the terms Covid pas (Covid Pass), Digital Green Certificate and Green Number Certificate in the texts, these are the same as certificates issued after June 1st. These already meet the requirements imposed by the EU.

By August 11th, certificates issued prior to June 1st will not be accepted anymore (as their format is not compatible with the EU requirements). EU member states will not be obligated anymore to accept these certificates upon entering their area. From August 12th onwards, only certificates based on the new template (from June 1st issued by the Czech Republic as well) will be accepted. These certificates can be downloaded via the portal (in Czech only) or the Tečka (Dot) app. For more information please see the Ministry of Health website (page in Czech only).


Any type of the certificate is available at Thanks to the connection to the ISIN, it will appear there automatically as soon as one of the certificates becomes relevant to you. You can log in to the vaccination portal (

1. by entering the ID card number and birth number. (A text message is sent to you with a code, which you will need to access the portal) and then you can download your certificate. The condition is to state your mobile phone number in the request or just before getting vaccinated. If you do not receive a one-time code or need to change your registered phone number or e-mail, you can contact the toll-free line 1221. This is only a temporary option, available till the end of the year. From January 1st, 2022, onwards, logging in will become available only via an eIdentita (e-Identity) solution (in Czech only). Therefore, please create your user profile at the eIdentita solution of your choice in time.

2. via an e-Identity solution (in Czech only) (eg NIA, MojeID, BankID, OP with a chip, etc.), verification via bank identity is possible only for persons who are verified via the population register (ROB),

3. You can apply for a certificate directly at the vaccination point (on request only). This is the best option for children and foreigners not possessing a Czech ID card. Please pay attention when entering your data - it is important to enter the same ones upon each appointment.


Since the old version of the certificates has lost its validity by August 11th, these certificates will no longer be accepted after this date. Thus, it was necessary to exchange your certificate for a new one till this date.

If you have a certificate issued before June 1st, please, log in and download a new certificate from the portal. New certificates have a valid QR code and comply with EU rules. We understand that it can be inconvenient to apply for a certificate again, but unfortunately until EU rules were known and approved, certificates could not be issued according to them.

You can also use the option that after scanning a QR code of an old certificate, a unique URL is displayed, under which it is possible to download a new certificate (ie a 1:1 exchange) for any person who owns the certificate.

List of countries, whose national certificates are accepted in the Czech Republic

The EU certificates are issued by all EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and Vatican. National certificates of North Macedonia, Ukraine, and Turkey are recognized as equal to the EU ones.

Certificates issued by other countries can be validated remotely (usually, they bear a QR code). Using them, you are allowed to enter the Czech Republic and use various services here. The list of countries issuing those certificates (can be found at this Ministry of Health page - in Czech only) is growing ever more. The same applies for the list of third countries, in which a vaccination on their territory can consist a reason to get a Czech EU certificate (provided you have met some requirements, see below).



From July 12th, 2021, a health care provider may issue a Czech certificate that complies with EU legislation, provided that the applicant submits proof of vaccination from a third country that meets the following requirements:

  • it is a written confirmation issued at least in English by an authorized body operating in the third country that the vaccination has been fully completed,
  • the written confirmation must contain details of the vaccinated person, the type of vaccine administered, the date the vaccine was administered, the identification of the subject who issued the confirmation and these data must be verifiable by remote access directly from the written confirmation (eg by QR code) if it is not possible to verify the certificate remotely it is necessary to also submit a document which contains information enabling the certificate to be verified (e.g. a medical report containing contact details of the establishment which carried out the vaccination in the third country. This report must be at least in English, or officially translated into Czech),
  • vaccination was carried out with a vaccine that had been authorized by the EMA

An applicant for a Czech certificate, on the basis of vaccination carried out in a third country, may be:

  • a citizen of the Czech Republic,
  • family member of a Czech citizen,
  • an EU citizen with a certificate of temporary residence in the Czech Republic or with a permanent residence permit issued by the Czech Republic or an accredited member of a diplomatic mission in the Czech Republic, including a private official, or an official of an international organization registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Czech EU COVID-19 certificate will not be issued to holders of the EU COVID-19 certificate from another EU or EEA country, as both certificates meet exactly the same requirements according to EU regulations.

You can find a list of countries that are remotely verifiable and a list of countries for which it is necessary to provide additional confirmation at

How long does it take to issue certificates?

Vaccination certificates (first and second dose) are usually issued within a few minutes after vaccination (after a record of vaccination is ready in the ISIN OČKO system at the vaccination site.

The certificate of the performed POC antigen test is issued on the same day (day of collection).

The certificate of the PCR test is issued after the examination in the laboratory and the delivery of the result to the central system. Laboratory tests can take up to 48 hours after collection. It is not guaranteed that the text message with the result, sent directly by the laboratory, is sent at the same time as the results to the central system. After receiving the text message with the result, it may take several hours (up to half a day) to issue the certificate.

The certificate of a past disease is issued on the basis of a positive PCR test result. The certificate is available on the 11th day after the positive PCR test.


Both applications are up and running - whether you need to prove absence of infection or are obligated to check it.

Visiting a concert, a restaurant or a swimming pool? Wanting to travel outside the Czech Republic?

Then use the Tečka (Dot) app (page currently in Czech only) to prove absence of infection.

Are you a gym, sauna or hairdresser's operator/owner? Lockdowns were enough and now you want your store to be safe?

Then use the čTečka app (page currently in Czech only) to check your customers' certificates - only this app is able to recognize the unique digital signature of each certificate, thus, you can be sure that the customer has not forged it.

The complete instructions, including previews, a sample certificate and the most frequently asked questions, can be found in the manual valid from June 1st, 2021.

If you are unable to obtain your certificate (most frequent reasons: a typo when entering your name, ignored case sensitivity, another of your multiple e-mail addresses entered, bad punctuation, etc.), you can contact the 1221 hotline. You can spare your time if you check and remember the data the vaccination point personnel enters to the ISIN.

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