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maps_ugcCertificate of Vaccination

The coronavirus pandemic complicated (not only) international transport, but many other businesses such as catering and accommodation which had to be closed. It has brought a lot of negative effects on our daily lives. The only hope we will be able to return to a pre-pandemic way of life is the vaccination.

Places which offer vaccination issue a certificate of vaccination to people after the application of the second dose. This template shows the certificate only in the Czech language. Any person is considered to have been vaccinated 7 days after the 2nd dose of vaccine. It is not immediately after the second dose, as the body needs some time to complete the immune response. However you will receive a certificate on the same day as you receive the second dose.

You will receive the certificate via the email by which you have signed in the register. However, the certificate itself is password protected.You receive the PIN via SMS. If you accidentally delete a certificate, please contact the vaccination center where you were vaccinated and they will resend the certificate. If you do not receive any SMS with a password, you should also contact the vaccination center to have the certificate resent, or contact the ÚZIS Helpdesk (the methodological helpdesk applies to you). Do not forget to check that you have correctly entered the email and phone number.

You can also apply online for a certificate via the Citizen's Vaccination Portal. You apply using your birth number and ID card number. Once you submit it you will receive a login SMS. You can also log in using eIdentity. A preview of the application can be found in the links below.

Remember that a person is considered vaccinated 7 days after the 2nd dose of the vaccine. It is not immediately after the second dose, as the body needs some time to complete the immune response, however you will receive the certificate on the date of the second dose.


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