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Frequently asked questions to the Ministry of Health

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

You can find a directory of questions about the Tečka, čTečka, Digital COVID certificate, or eidentity on

Other questions

Can the system register birth numbers with 3 digits after the slash?

Yes. Many people from the 80+ group have only 3 digits after the slash. 

Is it possible to register more people on one telephone number? 

Yes, a unique identifier is a health insurance number/birth number.  

I accidentally deleted PIN2. What should I do? 

Call Line 1221, where the operator will be able to view your PIN2 with your assistance. This is provided that you have booked yourself or that someone close to you has helped you with the reservation. If you ordered via Line 1221, the system will not allow the PIN2 display again and a new registration must be created.

I accidentally deleted PIN1. What should I do? 

Make a new reservation.

Can I choose an insurance company other than the ones in the check box?

No, no other now covers the expenditures for vaccinations.

Can I change where I get a second dose of the vaccine?

You have the right to choose a provider. The applicant and thus the place of vaccination are chosen by the applicant for the application of the vaccine in general. The place, therefore, remains the same for both doses. What you can do is change the selected vaccination site before booking the first appointment within the registration administration (only in Czech), however, do this only if necessary, if valid registrations and appointments at vaccination centres are interrupted, the distribution of vaccines will be disrupted and may not be used. 

Slots are occupied and the reservation cannot be made. What should I do? 

Wait for the so-called invitation SMS. In it, you will be prompted to make a reservation and the PIN2 you will need to make it. It can take several minutes, but also days. There is a so-called Barrier system - according to their capacities and the availability of vaccines, vaccination sites will raise the barrier (list new vaccination sites) and if it is your turn to prioritize, you will receive an invitation SMS. Once you receive it, you can make a reservation at

When I have more PIN for registration/reservation does it mean that I will take someone's place?

The amount of PIN received does not affect the number of empty slots in the reservation system. Registration and reservations are based on more data than just a PIN. Ideally use the latest one.

If I have a vaccination registration via line 1221, can I make the reservation myself or do I have to register again via line 1221?

If you register for vaccination via line 1221 and then you want to make a reservation for vaccination by yourself, this is certainly possible while using PIN2, which came to you after registration and your insured number and therefore there is no need to make a reservation again via line 1221.

If I cancel the second reservation date, will the first one be cancelled too?

No, if the client cancels the second reservation date, the first one remains. However, if you cancel the first one, the second is cancelled automatically. If you accidentally cancel the second reservation date, please, contact the vaccination site that makes the reservation again.  

How to change the date of vaccination of the 1st dose?

You can change the date of vaccination only by phone via line 1221 or by contacting the vaccination centre. If the date of the 1st dose is changed, the date of the 2nd dose will change automatically.

How to change the date of vaccination of the 2nd dose?

If you want to change the date of the 2nd dose, for example, due to illness, contact the vaccination centre.

Can I edit my personal details when booking?

In the booking form, it is possible to additionally edit the pre-filled personal data from the registration. it is not possible to edit the insured's number (a birth number for Czech citizens), name, and surname.

Can I edit my personal details in the confirmed reservation?

If you make a mistake while completing your reservation, you can call 1221 or the Vaccination Center to edit your personal information. In case of an error in the insurance number, it is necessary to contact line 1221.

Have you suffered or are you experiencing covid-19 and do not know whether to register, book, cancel the vaccination appointment?

As of June 25, the 90-day period that had to elapse between the end of isolation and the administration of the vaccine dose has been eliminated. Therefore, vaccination is given as soon as possible after the end of isolation. Acute illness, i.e. ongoing covid-19 disease, is a barrier to receiving a vaccine.

More detail can be found in the press release of the Ministry of Health here (only in Czech).

I am a chronically ill patient. How do I receive the code?

Outpatient specialists and specialized care centers pass the code on to their patients who meet the conditions for preferential vaccination. You will receive the code through the usual means of communication they commonly use (e-mail, telephone, personal visit, etc.).
Codes are not provided by general practitioners.
List of specialists (only in Czech) who have received the codes.

I'm chronically ill, I didn't get the code. How can I register? 

The group of chronically ill patients was selected based on how much the coronavirus endangered patients with the disease. So it is possible that you do not fall into any of the groups.
You can arrange vaccination with your general practitioner. It can inoculate you without assigning a code outside the central reservation system. 

List of health issues (only in Czech) that have been selected for priority vaccinations.

How were the groups of chronicles selected who can apply in the first wave?

These are the diagnoses and medical conditions that are most at risk of severe covid-19. The list of diagnoses and medical conditions with a high risk of severe course of covid-19 was created by the COVID Clinical Group within the Ministry of Health based on the recommendations of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Robert Koch Institute and based on ÚZIS summary data on persons with covid-19 hospitalized in the ICU / ARO.
A more detailed description of the disease or medical condition that is the reason for preferential vaccination at this stage was compiled by the relevant professional societies of the Czech Medical Society of Jan Evangelista Purkyně and the Czech Society of Cardiology.
List of diagnoses (only in Czech) and their determination for priority vaccination.

I am over 70 years old and at the same time, I am a chronically ill patient. I have been registered since March 1, now I have received a code from an outpatient specialist. Should I register again?

If you are over 70 years of age and have already registered for vaccination, do not re-register. You do not need to use the code from an outpatient specialist.

I have a user account in Reservatic, will it be stored in reservations for vaccination against covid-19? 

No, all reservations for vaccination against covid-19 are currently in progress without a link to user accounts in the Reservation system. 

Can I use the mobile app to book vaccinations against covid-19? 

No, currently it is possible to make a reservation for vaccination against covid-19 only through the signpost of the Central Registration System at the web address (only in Czech). 

How to book a date for the second dose of vaccination against covid-19?

The date of the 2nd vaccine is created automatically within the reservation. 

How to cancel the booking of vaccination against covid-19?

A link to cancel the reservation is sent in the e-mail with the original confirmation of the reservation. The date of the second dose will also be cancelled automatically.

Where can I go if I have a problem registering or booking a covid-19 vaccine?

For questions and assistance with registration and reservation, an infoline has been set up on the telephone number 1221. The infoline may be overloaded, thank you for your patience. The infoline is open every day from 8:00 to 19:00. 

Do I have to fill in the e-mail? 

You do not have to, but if you do not fill in the e-mail, you will not receive a confirmation of reservations of your dates in this form, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation only by SMS. In addition, you will not receive your vaccination certificate by e-mail.

Can I use the watchdog function in the mobile application?

No, the watchdog feature is only on the web. For vaccination on COVID-19, it is not possible to use the function for operational reasons or on the web.

How can I make changes to the registration?

This page (only in Czech) is intended for making changes in registrations. The description is given in this manual in the chapter Management of performed registrations.

The system did not allow me to establish a registration due to my alleged vaccination or previous direct experience with covid-19, although I had not been vaccinated and had not undergone covid-19. 

Contact the helpline 1221 (every day from 8 am to 7 pm) or CRS support via e-mail at

I received a confirmation of the received registration by e-mail, and yet I am required to identify "In your registration in the name of the insured person 4xx82xx26, we found an error in the check against the population register".

This is a consequence of the verification of your registration data against the population register. Please correct your data best according to your ID card.

I was asked to correct my reference data, they are correct, or I corrected them, and yet I was not identified.

This is a system error of the population register, contact the helpline 1221 (every day from 8 am to 7 pm) or to CRS support via e-mail