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General vaccination of citizens


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Members of the health insurance system of the Czech Republic, or foreigners who do not belong to any of the risk groups will be able to apply for vaccinations through the Central Reservation System. Vaccination is scheduled for June 2021 and should end during June 2022. The exact date will depend on the supply of the vaccine.

Vaccinations will be voluntary and paid for by the health insurance company.

After registering in the CRS at, or (both links available only in the Czech language), you will be given a deadline concerning the occupancy of the vaccination site and the supply of vaccines. It can therefore be assigned to you immediately upon registration, or you will receive a confirmation of registration and the deadline will be sent to you later. At this stage, the involvement of general practitioners is already planned. The GPs will not be obliged to use the CRS as it is a common practice and they already have adapted their registration systems. However, they will also be obliged to report all vaccinated persons to ISIN-OČKO on the day of vaccination.

Some groups will either be permanently excluded from vaccination due to their medical condition or will suffer from a short-term contraindication that will exclude them from vaccination. The second group will be able to be vaccinated as soon as the short-term contraindication (e.g. fever) has passed.

By logging in to the Central Reservation System, or your practitioner, you express your free will to be vaccinated. This system will also subsequently create a certificate of vaccination, including support for mobile devices and compatibility with EU and WHO standards.

Phase II will end when the minimum vaccination coverage is 60% of the target population and vaccination against covid-19 becomes a common type of vaccination against infectious disease.

As of 10 March, the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic prepared in cooperation with other organisations (NAKIT, AČR, ÚZIS, KSWR) Instructions for those interested in vaccination - how to use the Central Reservation System (czech only).