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maps_ugcI would like to help an elderly to register to the vaccination booking system

If you decided to help your grandma or grandpa (or someone else needing your helping hand) out when they want to book a timeslot in order to get vaccinated, it's great! (Of course, their consent is important.) The registration itself isn't that difficult. Have all data regarding the person ready which you may need in the process.

The booking process has two stages - registration and the booking itself.

  1. Open the registration website at (or - both in Czech only). Enter the person's telephone number, afterwards you'll be prompted to give your consent to the person's personal data processing. Upon entering the registration form webpage, the person will be prompted (again) to enter his/her telephone number and, subsequently, his/her PIN1. It is important to fill in the data regarding the person you are helping out, not your own ones, incl. his/her telephone number (you'll need your own one later on when registering yourself). Please keep the phone with the number you/the person enter(s) near you.
  2. Enter the person's personal data required (see the presentation on the Ministry of Health website)  - e.g. age, health insurance number, health insurance carrier, or (doesn't apply to Phase IA - persons 80+, health workers) essential information about health status. Should you not be sure about the person's vaccination-related health status, you should recommend an appointment with his/her GP to him/her beforehand. By filling his/her data in the registration form, the person you are helping out declares his/her interest in carrying out the vaccination and provides his/her personal data that are essential for that.
  3. The system will now calculate the person's priority, based on the data filled in the registration form, as well as on the capacity plan - this is called prioritization and does not apply to Phase IA, rather from Phase IB onwards - see Prioritization.
  4. The system will notify the person when his/her registration has been accepted and - upon the start of vaccination in the age group where the person belongs, i.e. for persons 80+ just afterwards - grant access to the booking stage of the process.
  5. Booking - the process will run differently, based on timeslot availability.

a) At the moment of booking, there are free timeslots at the desired vaccination point

The person will per SMS get his/her PIN2, upon entering this code you can book a particular timeslot in the next step (applies to both doses). Afterwards you will get your booking confirmed (per SMS & e-mail).

b) At the moment of booking, there are no free timeslots at the desired vaccination point

If you carried out the person's registration prior to January 22, 2021 (i.e. from January 15 to January 21) and got the PIN2, you will, in addition, get a "invitation per SMS". This text message will notify you about a free timeslot and prompt you to book it. In order to do so, please go to and enter the data you received in the text message to get access to the booking system. Afterwards you will get your booking confirmed (per SMS & e-mail). The "invitations" will be rolled out starting January 22, 2021.

If you carry out the person's registration after January 22, 2021, you won't get the special PIN2 text message anymore - rather the "invitation per SMS" itself, containing login data for the booking system at, where you can book a particular timeslot (again, the booking affects both doses).

The "invitation" is an one-time text message (you cannot request it repeatedly) and contains the PIN2 now.

The "invitations" will be rolled out gradually in the upcoming weeks, based on following two criteria:

  • vaccine & timeslot availability at the particular vaccination points
  • the particular person's age (sorted in descending order)

Additional prioritization criteria are planned.

Without an "invitation", you will not be allowed to book a timeslot. The PIN2 you got loses its validity no sooner than with a successful booking (therefore please note it down). Should you need to change your previously booked vaccination point, a new registration is necessary.


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