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List of vaccination centers

The related links list the vaccine distribution sites from which the vaccines will then be distributed to other vaccination sites. A list of all vaccination sites and their workload can be found by region in the Workload Report. The individual sites have icons next to them to indicate whether the vaccination site is for children (12+) or self-payers. Vaccination places where you can go without prior registration and booking an appointment can be found in a separate Life Situation.

Involvement of general practitioners

Involvement of GP is planned from 1st of March 2021 according to the agreement with regional vaccination coordinators. However, it is not their duty to join the site of vaccination places/points.Therefore, check with your GP to see if they will join the vaccination network. You will not find a general practitioner in the workload report.

We would like to ask those interested in vaccination not to cancel their registration and appointment in vaccination centres. Vaccines are distributed based on ongoing registrations and reservations, changes in this schedule can cause non-consumption and consequently devaluation.

Groups eligible for vaccination in the GP office

They can vaccinate anyone who has been allowed to register for CRS, even if they are not used by GPs.

In compliance with mentioned criteria GP vaccinates:

  • Patients who have not been vaccinated elsewhere
  • Patients who are not registered for vaccination in any of the other vaccination points (via the central reservation system)
  • at this stage only "their" patients, that they have "in the file" (patients for whom the PL is the registering provider)
  • Immobile patients cannot come to the vaccination centre
  • „His/her“ patients interested in vaccination in the GP office and are eligible for vaccination in line with mentioned criteria + „his/her“ patients proactively asked as they meet the vaccination criteria.

Vaccines in GP offices

GPs primarily use AstraZeneca vaccine (Vaxzevria), Moderna vaccine, and Comirnaty (Pfizer/BioNTech) vaccine in rare cases.

The Ministry of Health has prepared a leaflet to involve general practitioners in vaccination.

1. Distribution vaccination sites (DOČM)

DOČM is a specific type of vaccination site into which Comirnaty vaccines are delivered by the manufacturer.

2. Vaccination sites (OČM)

The vaccination site is a designated medical facility of a health care provider that performs vaccinations against covid-19, in addition to GP and pediatricians offices. The provider may set up several vaccination sites in different locations.

3. Large capacity vaccination centres

A special type of vaccination centre located outside the standard area of a medical facility designed for vaccination of large volume of individuals. The help of external staff (medical workers, volunteers, army) is expected during the operation of large-capacity centres.

4. Mobile vaccination teams

The task of mobile teams is to provide vaccination for disabled individuals. It is mandatory to set up at least one mobile team per region – this is the responsibility of vaccination centres specified above.

5. GP offices

They will join the network of vaccination sites from March 1st, 2021, see more above.

6. Other vaccination points

Private health care providers can voluntarily join the process of vaccination. If you – as a medical facility – want to join the system, please do not hesitate to contact your regional coordinator for vaccination and follow the recommendations. They are obliged to use the Central Reservation System.

7. Walk-in vaccination sites

These are vaccination sites where prior registration is not required, either through or outside the CRS (GPs). You can find their list in a separate Life Situation.


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