The translations of changes and translations of current measures from 1st March are in progress

maps_ugcList of vaccination centers

Although the complete list of vaccination centres is not known yet, we know the list of vaccination centres serving as distribution points for other vaccination centres (not listed below). Distribution points are responsible for the first (1A) phase of the vaccination. The number of centres will gradually increase.


  • The National Institute of Public Health – building 2
  • Military University Hospital
  • University Hospital Královské Vinohrady – institutional pharmacy, pavilion P
  • University Hospital Motol – Pharmacy and Emergency Pharmacy
  • Thomayerova Hospital
  • Na Bulovce Hospital
  • Na Homolce Hospital
  • General University Hospital in Prague, institutional pharmacy
  • OHVLP Institut klinické a experimentální medicíny


  • University Hospital Brno, institutional pharmacies
  • Military Hospital Brno
  • St. Anne’s University Hospital


  • Masaryk’s Hospital
  • Health Institute Ústí and Labem


  • Health Institute Ostrava
  • University Hospital Ostrava – institutional pharmacy


  • Military Hospital
  • University Hospital


  • University Hospital Hradec Králové, institutional pharmacy – building no. 20


  • University Hospital Plzeň, institutional pharmacy


  • District Hospital Kladno


  • District Hospital Mladá Boleslav


  • Rudolf’s and Stefanie’s Hospital Benešov


  • District Hospital Kolín


  • České Budějovice Hospital – institutional pharmacy


  • Regional Hospital Liberec, institutional pharmacy


  • T. Bata Regional Hospital, pavilion P14, institutional pharmacy


  • Karlovy Vary District Hospital


  • Jihlava Hospital


  • Pardubice Hospital

Phases 1A and 1B are carried out in vaccination centres (serving as distributive points) and standard vaccination centres, eventually for that purposes established large capacity vaccination centres built based on vaccine deliveries. In the phase 2 vaccination site is strengthened with GP offices. Ministry of Health is responsible for vaccination centres (serving as a distributive point) management, standard vaccination centres are the responsibility of regional coordinators of vaccination.

Implementation of GP offices into the site of vaccination points is planned from the 1st of March 2021. However, it is not mandatory for a GP to join the vaccination site. Therefore, you can contact your GP for more information. For a vaccination, you must register yourself via the Central Reservation System with a valid exception for immobile individuals, medical workers, and social services employees.

Guidelines defining the rules for GPs how to use the Central Reservation System will be available here once released. 

The complete list of vaccination points can be found during registration on the website The list of vaccination points and related data about vaccination can be also found in the report of Ministry of Health.

Except for vaccination centres (distributive points), the Central Registration System encompasses other vaccination points (e.g., Health centres). These points will start the vaccination after receiving vaccine deliveries as scheduled.

Vaccination site is divided into 6 groups.

1. Vaccination centres (serving as distribution points)

Designed for storage and usage of all possible vaccines including Comirnaty by Pfizer/BionTech requiring storage temperatures below -70°C. The list of the centres includes especially large medical facilities equipped as requested. The task of these centres is also to distribute the vaccines to smaller vaccine points (pharmacies, health institutes). Each centre disposes of at least one mobile vaccination team.

2. Standard vaccination centres

The list of standard vaccination centres includes granted medical facilities except for GP offices. One provider can vaccinate in multiple locations. In case many vaccination points are located in one place, it is used the term “vaccination stations”. Standard vaccination centres also can set up mobile vaccination teams.

3. Large capacity vaccination centres

A special type of vaccination centre located outside the standard area of a medical facility designed for vaccination of large volume of individuals. The help of external staff (medical workers, volunteers, army) is expected during the operation of large-capacity centres.

4. Mobile vaccination teams

The task of mobile teams is to provide vaccination for disabled individuals. It is mandatory to set up at least one mobile team per region – this is the responsibility of vaccination centres specified above.

5. GP offices

Please see information above.

6. Other vaccination points

Private health care providers can voluntarily join the process of vaccination. If you – as a medical facility – want to join the system, please do not hesitate to contact your regional coordinator for vaccination and follow the recommendations.