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List of vaccination centers

The reservation date for the second dose can be changed online in the reservation system, by contacting line 1221 or the vaccination center. Check the possibility of changing the second dose in the vaccination site report by selecting your vaccination site. Not every vaccination site allows for a change, some have a preferred way to change the date.

We ask for last-minute registrations and reservations at vaccination sites not to be canceled (48 hours in advance), as this will disrupt the distribution of vaccines and may lead to non-consumption and deterioration.

Where to get vaccinated

Vaccination sites (OČM)

You can find a list of all vaccination sites and their occupancy according to regions in the Occupancy Report ( You will find vaccination sites with the necessary registration and without the need for prior registration, so-called walk-in vaccination sites.

There are 4 filters available in the report:

  • type of dose: choose whether you are interested in the first vaccination or a booster dose,
  • vaccine: if you have a preferred vaccine, choose it,
  • type of vaccination site: not every OČM (vaccination site) offers vaccination to every group, so you can choose in the filter whether you are looking for a place where self-payers can get vaccinated, a child 5-15 years, 16-17 years or 18+, or  you are looking for a place where previous registration is not necessary/reservation, for children 5-11 years always choose the COMIRNATA/Pfizer vaccine (5-11 years) at the same time
  • region: choose where in the republic you will have the most comfortable.

After using the filters, you will be offered places that meet your requirements.


Pediatritians are involved in the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11, it is necessary to agree individually with a specific pediatrician whether he is already vaccinating or getting ready. If so, make an appointment with him. Pediatricians are not registered through the Central Reservation System and you will not find them in the Occupancy Report, see above.

General practitioners

General practitioners joined the vaccination on March 1st, 2021, in agreement with the regional coordinators. However, it is not their duty. So check with your GP to see if they are vaccinating against covid-19 or planning to start and, if necessary, register with him, make an appointment. If you want to be vaccinated at your GP you do not register through the Central Reservation System (

Involvement of general practitioners

Groups eligible for vaccination in the GP office

In compliance with mentioned criteria GP vaccinates:

  • Patients who have not been vaccinated elsewhere
  • Patients who are not registered for vaccination in any of the other vaccination points (via the central reservation system)
  • at this stage only "their" patients, that they have "in the file" (patients for whom the PL is the registering provider)
  • Immobile patients cannot come to the vaccination centre
  • „His/her“ patients interested in vaccination in the GP office and are eligible for vaccination in line with mentioned criteria + „his/her“ patients proactively asked as they meet the vaccination criteria.

Types of vaccination sites

1. Distribution vaccination sites (DOČM)

DOČM is a specific type of vaccination site into which Comirnaty vaccines are delivered by the manufacturer.

2. Vaccination sites (OČM)

The vaccination site is a designated medical facility of a health care provider that performs vaccinations against covid-19, in addition to GP and pediatricians offices. The provider may set up several vaccination sites in different locations.

3. Large capacity vaccination centres

A special type of vaccination centre located outside the standard area of a medical facility designed for vaccination of large volume of individuals. The help of external staff (medical workers, volunteers, army) is expected during the operation of large-capacity centres.

4. Mobile vaccination teams

It is obligatorily established and managed by distribution vaccination points, namely at least one mobile vaccination team for the needs of the relevant region or the capital city of Prague (hereinafter collectively referred to as "regions").

Mobile vaccination teams may be set up within vaccination sites or large-scale vaccination sites, as appropriate for the region concerned. Mobile vaccination teams are used to ensure the vaccination of institutionalized persons and persons designated for vaccination according to the given priority phase, who are located in one building or complex of buildings or in a defined area in sufficient numbers for the use of the whole vaccine bottle (nursing homes, special purpose flats). for persons with disabilities or seniors, municipalities in socially excluded localities in whose territory there is no health service provider, etc.). The use of mobile vaccination teams is determined by the KKOČ in accordance with the Methodological Instruction, incl. prioritization of the target groups of the vaccination campaign.

5. GP offices

They will join the network of vaccination sites from March 1st, 2021, see more above.

6. Other vaccination points

Private health care providers can voluntarily join the process of vaccination. If you – as a medical facility – want to join the system, please do not hesitate to contact your regional coordinator for vaccination and follow the recommendations. They are obliged to use the Central Reservation System.

7. Walk-in vaccination sites

These are vaccination sites where prior registration is not required, either through or outside the CRS (GPs).