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Missing your vaccination appointment

There are still several groups of people to be vaccinated, therefore, the system is busy. We recommend planning your vaccination dates carefully and making sure you can attend both scheduled dates. 

What to do before booking the first dose of vaccine?

Make sure you think about having your second dose of vaccine in a certain time period when receiving the PIN2 in the invitation SMS. Use that pin to log in and chose your 1st dose and vaccine that is available to you. You will also be able to see the expected date of your 2nd dose (on lower right corner):  

  • the Comirnaty (Pfizer / BioNTech) and Moderna vaccines, the 2nd dose is given after 38 to 42 days and you will usually get vaccinates at vaccination sites, other vaccines can be done at your practitioner (you do not register through CRS, but you have to make an appointment),
  • the second dose for Vexzevria (AstraZeneca) is after 84-91 days,
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) is a single-dose vaccine, therefore no need to book the second time slot.

In case that your plans collide with your second dose time slot, do not complete the reservation. Let the SMS code expire. Your registration remains valid, and you will be able to book your vaccination again (with a new PIN 2) as soon as you will have new dates available. It is possible to receive this SMS invitation 3 times and each time you will be offered a new date for your 1st dose. In case you will be unhappy with the 3 dates offered, the registration will be forfeited, and you will have to register again. (You will also be able to receive 3 SMS invitations.) 

What to do after registering the 1st dose? 

If you for some reason could not attend your 1st dose appointment, contact the vaccination centre to see if the date can be postponed or cancelled. In case of cancellation, please use your link or call 1221. The system records cancellation and you will wait for a new SMS with a new PIN2. 

After 1st dose 

If you have received the 1st dose, you already have a date for the 2nd dose. This date is fixed and you are counted towards that day. If you find out, you cannot attend that day try to call the vaccination centre and ask for a postponement. Your registered date will be postponed in a matter of days only, or you do not have to be able to postpone it. Please during your registration bear in mind your vacation plans and chose dates according to them.