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Prioritization system

The priority system was updated by the Ministry of Health on 17. June, 2021.

The world pandemic is an unprecedented situation in contemporary history. The virus is an enemy that can not be prepared for in advance. The vaccine can be developed only after the particular virus can be analyzed. For those reasons, it is unbelievable that several safe and effective vaccines have been developed in a single year. Unfortunately, it is not possible neither in production nor logistically to make vaccines available for everyone. Production capacities are limited. This situation will improve and vaccines will be more accessible.

Despite the fact that it does not reach everyone, it is necessary to first vaccinate those on whom the virus has the greatest impact in order to return to normal, pre-pandemic life as quickly and smoothly as possible. With regard to the specificity of resources (availability of the vaccine over time, staff capacity, etc.), the prioritization of individual groups of persons to be vaccinated first is determined in order to immunize as soon as possible the part of the population whose worsening health conditions may overload the health system, or these are the people who die of coronavirus most often.

System prioritization takes into account 3 parameters:

- age 

- medical anamnesis,

- occupation.

Based on these parameters a number is assigned to the most threatened groups. This number assigns them the order in which they will be vaccinated. The higher number, the sooner vaccination will be applied.

An updated list of priority groups (only in Czech) is available in the Implementation Plan (only in Czech).


The aim is to vaccinate at least 60% of IA group and at least 70% of IB group. 

Members of groups with the same point number will be assigned deadlines according to the time of their registration. So they will follow them as they sign up. If you happen to belong to two of the priority groups, you will be assigned to the one with a higher priority.

The algorithm is created, besides the overall availability of vaccines, also due to the geolocation and capacity of near vaccination site. 

After reaching the goal of vaccination of priority groups, vaccination will be made available to non-priority groups, or comprehensive vaccination of citizens, so-called Phase II, will begin. The aim is to vaccinate 60% of the remaining (non-priority) population.