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maps_ugcRegistration and reservation process

The registration for the Covid-19 vaccine is organized via the Central Registration System in the Czech Republic. The whole process is described below. We understand that some of us may face technical troubles during the registration, so we encourage you to ask for help:

  1. Your relatives and loved ones – personal attendance during the registration is recommended.
  2. Specialists on Czech Covid hotline 1221 – please be aware of possible long waiting times. It is recommended to check local info lines within your district/region.
  3. Your GP – please be aware that it is not a GPs duty.

If you want to help somebody to fulfil the registration form, please find useful the article “I would like to help an elderly to register via The Central Reservation System”.

The list of information you will need for registration can be found here.

The whole process consists of the two phases – registration and reservation (described only in Czech).


Instructions for registration and reservation

  1. Visit the website or (both available only in Czech), insert your phone number and PIN (PIN1) from the SMS.
  2. Please fulfil required information – more can be found in the presentation of the Ministry of Health.
    • List of the information required in the form: age, birth registration number, health insurance provider, basic information about your health condition.
    • Do not hesitate to consult your health condition with the specialist if you are unsure about the vaccination.
    • By submitting the form, you agree with the provision of the necessary information for the vaccination process.
  3. The system will automatically set your priority according to the information you provided and system capacity. More about prioritization can be found here.
  4. According to the priority assigned to you, you will be notified about accepting your registration. The reservation phase will be launched once your group is allowed for a vaccination and vaccination slots will be available.
  5. You will be asked to select the time slot from the list of available vaccine slots. The procedure may differ based on the availability of vaccine slots.
    1. Vaccine slot is currently available: it is possible to proceed and finalize the reservation. You will receive an SMS with a PIN (PIN2) necessary to complete the reservation. Please wait for confirmatory e-mail and SMS.
    2. Vaccine slot is currently not available: your reservation will not be possible at that time.

If your reservation took place before January 22nd, 2021 and you received PIN2, you shall wait for an SMS reminder. This SMS will notify you about free vaccine slots and advise you to proceed with the reservation – please visit and insert the information from the SMS. You will be redirected directly to the reservation of a specific vaccine slot. Successful reservation is always confirmed by SMS and e-mail. SMS reminder has been launched on January 22nd, 2021.

If your reservation took place after January 22nd, 2021, SMS with PIN2 will not be sent to you. Instead of this, you will be directly asked to log into the reservation system (, select a free vaccine slot (for both 1st and 2nd dose) and confirm your reservation.

SMS reminder contains PIN2 and is sent only once. Receiving this reminder is based on:

  • vaccine and vaccine slot availability,
  • prioritization schedule (seniors first).

Prioritization schedule will be gradually updated.

SMS reminders will be sent by degrees in the following weeks. Without SMS reminder, reservation of a vaccine slot is not possible. PIN2 is valid until a successful reservation is created – so please keep it until the end of the reservation. In the case of vaccination point/place change, a new registration is requested.

IMPORTANT: After receiving an SMS reminder with PIN2, you have 72 hours to finish your reservation on the website After 72 hours, your PIN2 expire and you will not be able to complete your reservation. Please be aware that expiration of the PIN2 means that you will not be able to finish neither your reservation, nor your registration. The reason is not to hinder the registration process by long waiting times for completing the reservation. Thus, if you are still interested in vaccination even after your SMS code expiration, you will be asked to repeat the whole registration process from the beginning. Your new request will be processed according to the prioritization schedule.

Frequent questions about this topic

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