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Registration and reservation process

On March 1, 2022, the Novavax vaccine arrived in the Czech Republic and vaccination with this vaccine will begin.



If you have decided to get yourself vaccinated against the Covid-19 disease, you will be asked to follow these instructions and complete several phases of the whole process. However, there is no need to worry, it is not difficult.

I do not need instructions; I know everything to register yourself and make a reservation.

Phase 1: Registration

By registration, you express real interest to get yourself vaccinated. Please visit REGISTRACE.MZCR.CZ. On the first page, you can see cohorts eligible for a vaccination. Scroll down and insert your phone number and confirm consent to personal data processing. You will receive a PIN after the confirmation, then please insert your PIN, fulfill everything needful, and select vaccination point. If you make a typo during the registration, you can correct the mistake here:, where you can manage your registration. Once you have saved your registration, you do not have an assigned vaccination date, you must proceed further. If you want to see the list of vaccination sites and their availability (only in Czech)  in advance, you can.

During the registration process, the following checks are performed on the vaccination candidate:

  • Identification,
  • whether vaccination has already started (registration blocked on the basis of vaccination already in progress),
  • whether there is an earlier registration (older registration blocked, there is a newer registration, which is now valid),
  • whether the applicant has had a positive PCR test in the last 90 days (variable that can be adjusted) - an email is sent - due to a positive PCR test in the last 90 days, the person is only allowed to vaccinate after the 90-day protection period from the date of the last positive covid-19 test.

If it shows "not matched", the registration is not successful, the vaccine seeker is prompted by email to correct the information entered in the registration management. The same applies to reservations.

Phase 2: Waiting for an SMS reminder

After the registration, you need to wait some time for an SMS reminder including PIN2. Waiting times may differ based on the capacity of the specific vaccination center/vaccination point.

Phase 3: Reservation

After receiving an SMS reminder including PIN2, you have 42 hours to complete your reservation (you will be severally notified during that period). The reservation webpage is REZERVACE.MZCR.CZ. Please insert your health insurance number and PIN2, then you can choose from the available vaccine slot. If more than one vaccine is ready at a specific vaccination center, a calendar for each vaccine will be displayed with all free vaccine slots (may not be at disposal at every vaccine center). If only one calendar is displayed, there is a guarantee that both doses will be from the same manufacturer.

Please do not forget to confirm your reservation. If you fail to complete your reservation within 42 hours, registration itself stays but your vaccine slot does not. Once the next vaccine slots are available, you will be notified with new SMS including a new PIN2. You have 3 attempts (each 42 hours long) to finish your reservation. Otherwise, your registration will be canceled. 

Phase 4: Vaccination

A detailed description of the process at the vaccination point can be found here.

To find out how to change any of the dates (if you can't make it), please see the Missing your vaccination appointment.

PHASE 5: Proving vaccination

A person who has been vaccinated against covid-19, or tested for the disease (using both antigenic and PCR tests), or who has had the vaccination and has received a certificate in a uniform appearance according to the European Union, will have easier travel and access to service establishments, etc. from 1 July.

PHASE 6: Re-vaccination 

Once the vaccination schedule has been completed (both doses for two-dose vaccines or one dose of Janssen vaccine), the vaccination certificate is valid for 9 months. To extend its validity, it is necessary to undergo a re-vaccination, after which the validity of the certificate is now not limited. More information on re-vaccination. Please refer to the Manual (only in Czech) for the detailed procedure.

In case of any question please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Covid hotline 1221 – daily from 8 AM to 7 PM. Call center agents are there to help you with registration and reservation, e.g., in case of troubles with the internet connection. Also with technical problems, e.g. when your certificate is not displayed.


Registration form communicates with official state registers. Therefore, all personal information inserted must comply with the registers. Please insert all the personal data carefully (diacritics, dates, IDs). In case of any trouble, do not hesitate to call 1221.

If you have decided to get yourself vaccinated at your GP office, please do not register via Central Reservation System. You are advised to contact your GP for example by phone and arrange an appointment (Please be aware that not every GP provides such a service).

If you are confused by the number of all the links, there is one universal for you including all tabs.

Detailed guidelines for the Central Reservation System comprising a detailed description of each phase can be found here.