The translations of changes and translations of current measures from 1st March are in progress

maps_ugcFrom registration to vaccination

Vaccination will be voluntary and registration will take place through the Central Reservation System (CRS).

Below you will briefly find out in points what will happen from the moment you register to the moment you are vaccinated. Specifically, the steps are described in individual life situations.

The process of vaccination will be as follows:

1. Filling in the registration form -, nebo (both are available only in Czech) 

2. Sending a record to Central Registration System. 

3. Citizen's notification of acceptance of registration and expected date - CRS.

4.Calculation of capacities and determination of the vaccination date interval - CRS.

5. Recalculation of resources and requirements (creation of lists for individual time slots).

6. Citizen's notification about the need to book an appointment (access code for CRS).

7. Booking the date - citizen v CRS.

Learn how to register and book in specific life situation, We have specific instructions even if you have decided to help someone.

8. Sending the list of registrations to the vaccination site - CRS

9. Creating/filling in an e-Request.

10. Vaccination on time - at vaccination site

a. Incoming check (questionnaire, ISIN - Infectious disease information system check)

b. Vaccination 

11. Record about the vaccination at ISIN-OČKO (Vaccination module)

All abbreviations are explained here.

The system is designed in a way that the registration and reservation of seniors can be done by family members, social workers and employees of the support line 1221.