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TERMINATED: Information for people with a chronical illness

Below you find informations related to the vaccination against COVID-19 intended mainly for people with a chronical illness.

Up-to-date information on vaccination for people with a chronical illness (in Czech only)

When could I be vaccinated against COVID-19?


How and when I can register in the vaccination booking system?

At the websites or (available in Czech only), fill the booking form. The booking form will be available from Friday, January 15, 2021 (only elderly 80+ regardless of their health state will be eligible). From March 1, 2021, onwards, elderly 70+ regardless of their health state are additionally eligible.

Starting on March 24, 2021, persons suffering under a chronic disease will be eligible as well, regardless of their age. You will gain access to your vaccine dose(s) using a special code obtained from your specialist (he/she will generate it for you, based on severity of your diagnosis). There will be three ways to use it in order to get vaccinated:

1. Use it within the vaccination booking system.

2. Get vaccinated in your GP's cabinet - this option is already available.

3. Get vaccinated directly in the clinic facility you are stationary treated in - please note that this option will be available only in high specialized ones. Most facilities will therefore generate the code for you to use it within the vaccination booking system and subsequently get vaccinated at a vaccination point (see option 1).

From April 12, 2021, onwards, lower priority patients (from priority group 2) will be allowed to get their access codes as well (document in Czech only).

The Ministry of Health has issued a leaflet (in Czech only) that may be an useful guide for you.

Details on particular options, an overview of eligible diagnoses as well as information on how to register are available at the Patients' and Patient Organisations' website, powered by the Ministry of Health (in Czech only).

Unused access codes will become invalid by June 15, 2021. Therefore please register yourself before this day. If you make it, your code will stay valid until you get your vaccination timeslot. This measure has been introduced in order to better manage the vaccination capacity and demand. Should you not register yourself till that day, it will be assumed that you are not interested in getting vaccinated.

If you are unable to fill the booking form yourself, you may ask a member of your family, if there are none, you may contact your GP or call the 1221 hotline (available with Czech SIM cards/telephone numbers only), the hotline personnel will then carry the booking out for you, the same goes for some social services, these had set up special help lines for this purpose.

Starting from May 3, caregivers of persons dependant in Grade III or IV will additionally become eligible to register themselves. For more information please see the appropriate Life Situation page.

How should I prove my eligibility?

In the booking form, please select the most appropriate options for your health state. At the vaccination point, you will prove your health state using the health record of your last medical checkup. To prove your identity at the vaccination point please bring your ID with you.

What if I cannot be vaccinated due to a contraindication?

In order to ensure the protection of vulnerable persons which, however, due to a contraindication, cannot be vaccinated themselves, a possibility during the Phase IB has been set up for their caregivers to get vaccinated instead. Please note that if a vulnerable person gets vaccinated itself, its caregivers will only be allowed to get vaccinated in the next phase (Phase II). Should you yourself be unable to get vaccinated due to a contraindication and should be, therefore, necessary to get your caregivers vaccinated, please contact your GP.

Under which circumstances can I get myself vaccinated?

If unsure whether you may get vaccinated, please contact your GP. The Summary of Product Characteristics of the Pfizer & BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine, elaborated by the European Medicines Agency, contains information on contraindications as well as other general recommendations.

The physician administering your vaccine dose or your GP should inform you about possible contraindications. The vaccination will not take place if the patient is under 16 or an allergic reaction against any active substance or excipient has been detected. Furthermore, the vaccination will be postponed if the patient suffers from a sudden fever or another sudden infectious illness.

Due to lack of data, pregnant women may consider getting vaccinated only if possible benefits will outweigh any potential risks for the mother and her fetus. It is yet unknown, whether the vaccines excrete into the breast milk or not, whereas animal studies do not suggest any direct or indirect reproductive toxicity effects.

Which health state is ideal for getting the vaccine administered?

In persons who suffer from a sudden severe fever or a sudden infection, the vaccination should be postponed. However, the existence of a mild infection or low-grade fever does not constitute a reason for postponing the vaccination. If in doubt, please consult your GP.

You don't have to test yourself before getting vaccinated.

It is not necessary to undergo a COVID-19 test before getting vaccinated. The vaccination of a person suffering from COVID-19 cannot as such lead to any damage to that person's health.

What if I cannot - due to severity of my health state or impaired mobility - get to the vaccination point?

Please see the page Vaccination of immobile patients.