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Vaccination of teachers and school staff

NEWS: With respect to the deadline for school staff priority vaccination, registration codes has been revoked. Any registration placed before the deadline is still valid; however, it is not possible to place a new one. 

Vaccination of school staff is planned to start from 27th of February 2021. Based on this, the vaccination prioritization schedule will be updated accordingly.

This effort expresses a need for increased protection of all school staff related to planned resumption of presence education.  We also, by updating the prioritization schedule, truly appreciate our gratitude to all school staff members who have been securing the distance education of our children.

Criteria of prioritization for school staff

The responsibility of the school administration headed by a headmaster is to prepare vaccination prioritization for the specific institution.

Set of criteria for school vaccination prioritization:

  • age over 55
  • essential school staff responsible for securing the operation of the institution intended to attend presence education once possible
  • other school staff responsible for securing the operation of the institution

The set of criteria need not to be met at the same time. We strongly recommend headmasters responsibly assess the identification of priority staff for a vaccination.

Specific methodology with detailed instruction is available in the presentation prepared by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior.

The goal of the vaccination together with a pilot vaccination of students and schools staff is to allow and secure maximally safe presence education. 

The deadline for school staff priority registration ended on Sunday 28th of March 23:59. Presently, registration codes have been revoked automatically. Employees interested in priority vaccination were asked to register until Sunday 28th of March.

Relevant information for vaccination school staff by the Ministry of Education.

FAQ can be found on the Ministry of Education websites.