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Vaccination timeline

The reservation date for the second dose can be changed online in the reservation system, by contacting line 1221 or the vaccination center. Check the possibility of changing the second dose in the vaccination site report by selecting your vaccination site. Not every vaccination site allows for a change, some have a preferred way to change the date.

We ask you not to cancel your appointment at the vaccination site at the last minute (48 hours before the appointment), this disrupts the distribution of vaccines and may lead to their deterioration.

The covid-19 vaccination schedule is as follows:

At the end of December 2020 - the first Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines arrived in the Czech Republic. The vaccine will be divided between regions, distribution vaccination sites, and hospitals. The goal is to vaccinate healthcare professionals, who are in close contact with covid- 19 positive patients and seniors.

January - March 2021 - Phase IA

15 January 2021 - CRS for persons 80+ launched, and thus the IA vaccination phase begins

26 January 2021 - CRS for healthcare professionals belongs to the phase IA launched

27 February 2021- registration of pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff of schools and school facilities for the CRS

Guidelines for vaccination of pedagogical staff can be found here. (only in the Czech language)

March - April 2021 - Phase IB

1 March 2021 - CRS available for registration and subsequent reservation of persons 70+, general practitioners started vaccinating according to the agreement with the regional coordinators.

Guidelines for vaccination of persons 70+ can be found here. (only in the Czech language) 

24 March 2021 - Registration for persons with the chronic disease started (regardless of age). Find out more on the Patient Organizations website (only in Czech). 

28 - 29 March 2021 - at midnight the priority vaccinations of employees of the school and non-school facilities will end. 

7 April 2021 - registration for social workers began (only workers who have a special code from their provider) 

12 April 2021 - registration of chronic patients with a lower priority  (Second priority group, only available in Czech)

14 April 2021 - registration of citizens 65+ who did not have the opportunity to register as chronic patients 

23 April 2021 - the registration of persons 60+ 

28 April 2021 - the registration of persons 55+ 

3 May 2021 - persons caring for a person of III. and IV. degree of dependence on the care allowance will be able to register for vaccination against the covid-19 disease. 

3 May 2021 -  registration of academic staff of universities 

5 May 2021 - the registration of persons 50+ 

11 May 2021 - the registration of persons 45+ 

15 May 2021 - Validity of Codes for chronic patients ends. (We recommend registering as soon as you receive your code.) 

15 May 2021 - codes for chronic patients with a lower priority (priority registration started on 12 April) ends. 

17 May 2021 - registration of persons 40+ 

24 May 2021 - registration of persons 35+ 

26 May 2021 - registration of persons 30+ 

4 June 2021 - registration of persons 16+ will start

15 June 2021 - the validity of codes for academic staff and carers ends. Registrations made until this date remain valid.

The validity of codes for chronic patients is also extended until this date (the start of issuing codes on 24 March and 12 April, depending on priority). Do not forget to register until mid-June. Registrations made on time remain valid even after the codes are revoked.

1 July 2021 - registration of persons 12+ will start

  • Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic´s leaflet on vaccination of the age category 12 - 15 years,
  • pre-vaccination questionnaire (only in Czech) for age group 12-15 years,
  • information (only in Czech) on vaccination for the age group 12-15 years,
  • list of vaccination sites for persons aged 12-15 years.

12 June 2021 - Two mobile vaccination sites (only in Czech) are launched where people who are not yet registered at any vaccination site can be vaccinated. One mobile vaccination center is located in OC Westfield Chodov, the second one is located at Hl. nádraží in Prague. 

2 September 2021 - the start of administration of additional doses for
selected patients (more)

20 September 2021 - the start of revaccination with the booster dose (more)

18 October 2021 - the booster dose can be given as early as 6 months after the second dose (for the Janssen vaccine from the first dose)

29 November 2021 - people over the age of 60 and people at risk (e.g. chronic patients) can go for a booster dose after just 5 months.

Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic leaflet on the booster dose (only in Czech)

6 December 2021 - People vaccinated with Janssen will start receiving text messages informing them of the possibility to be re-vaccinated 2 months after the first dose.

17 December 2021 - people 45+ will be able to register for the booster dose (re-vaccination after 5 months). 

27 December 2021 - people 30+ will be able to register for the booster (re-vaccination after 5 months)

4 January 2022 - persons 18+ will be able to register for the booster dose (re-vaccination after 5 months). 

1 February 2022 - the validity of vaccination certificates will be reduced to nine months. A re-vaccination will be required for renewal.
European Commission leaflet about implementation. 

28 February 2022 - the date by which persons 60+ and selected professions must be vaccinated against covid-19 according to the new decree.

Who is affected?
The full wording of the decree (download only. In Czech).

Ministry of Health´s leaflet on the validity of certificates (only in Czech).