The translations of changes and translations of current measures from 1st March are in progress

maps_ugcVaccination timeline

The covid-19 vaccination schedule is as follows:

The end of December - the first Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines arrived in the Czech Republic. The vaccine will be divided between regions, distribution vaccination sites, and hospitals. The goal is to vaccinate healthcare professionals, who are in close contact with covid- 19 positive patients and seniors.

15. 1. 2021 - CRS for persons 80+ launched, and thus the IA vaccination phase begins

26. 1. 2021 - CRS for healthcare professionals falling into phase IA launched.

28. 2. 2021- expected end of phase IA. However, the reality may differ due to the availability of vaccines.

1.3. 2021 - CRS will be available for registration and subsequent reservation to persons 70+, general practitioners will start vaccinating according to the agreement with the regional coordinators.

February / March to May / June 2021 - The CRS should be made available to the general public, i.e. those in the IB group and others outside the priority groups. Vaccination will start depending on the availability of vaccines. The priority groups (phase IB) will be vaccinated, and then citizens outside the risk groups.

May / June 2021 - the vaccination of citizens not belonging to risk groups will begin.

We reiterate that the above timeline relies on minor changes in the vaccine supply. If there are not enough vaccines, the schedule may change. The Czech Republic cannot influence the speed and amount of vaccine deliveries to the Czech Republic, only how many vaccines will it (pre) order.