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Vaccination without prior registration

The reservation date for the second dose can be changed online in the reservation system, by contacting line 1221 or the vaccination center. Check the possibility of changing the second dose in the vaccination site report by selecting your vaccination site. Not every vaccination site allows a change, some have a preferred way to change the date.

We ask you not to cancel your registrations and reservations at vaccination sites at the last minute (48 hours in advance), this disrupts the distribution of vaccines and may lead to their degradation.

This article has been archived so the contained information may no longer be up to date. 

If you are not yet registered at any vaccination site and you have not received the first dose of the vaccine, you can use one of the vaccination sites where registration is not required.

In, you can filter vaccination sites in individual regions not only according to where previous registration is not necessary, but you will also see there with which vaccine they are currently vaccinating, whether they are vaccinating self-payers, etc.

The first to open were vaccination sites in Chodov, Prague Main Railway station and in OC Nový Smíchov.