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Validation applications čTečka and Tečka

The Tečka (Dot) application is now also available in English. More information on the website of the Ministry of Health.

From July 1st, the EU countries and Serbia will accept the Covid Pass (Digital Green Certificate, Digital COVID Certificate, or also the Certificate) as proof of completed vaccination against Covid-19. At the same time, the use of Covid Pass within the Czech Republic is also being prepared, eg for entering service establishments (this would prove compliance with the ONT rules).

Other countries are also being added, their list and information on the recognition of certificates from other countries can be found on the website of the Ministry of Health.

There are two applications - one containing a QR code (from the certificate) and the other that reads the code and shows whether the vaccination or Covid-19 test is performed at the required interval - either according to the rules of cross-border movement or within the entrance to stores, establishments, for cultural or sports events, etc.

čTečka (E-reader)

The application will read the QR code from a paper certificate, a downloaded certificate, for example from a mobile phone, or later from the Tečka application. The QR code is equipped with a digital signature that protects it against forgery. When checking the certificate, the QR code is scanned using the phone's camera, thus verifying the signature - the phone's display lights up green if the certificate is valid and red if it is invalid. The details of the certificate will show the person's name, date of birth, the validity of the certificate and the vaccine with which the vaccination was performed.

There is an application on Google Play and the App Store, before using you will see the conditions of use of the application.

Use for travel outside the Czech Republic: from July 1st.

Use for proving within the Czech Republic: the application is available from June 18th.

Possible reasons for certificate invalidity:

  • contains an incorrect data format and cannot be read, the data is not displayed
  • electronic signature cannot be verified - specific reasons are coded in SIGxxx error codes
  • does not comply with the rules of validity (number of days after the first/second dose of vaccination, etc.)

Even for invalid certificates, if it is technically possible to obtain information from the certificate, the information from the certificate is listed on the Certificate detail page.

What are the SIGxxx error codes when the electronic signature cannot be verified:

  • SIG001 - Expiration missing in COSE
  • SIG002 - COSE is expired
  • SIG003 - COSE lacks KID (public key identifier)
  • SIG004 - Could not find active signing certificate for KID
  • SIG005 - Failed to extract the key from certificate data
  • SIG006 - Wrong signature data in COSE
  • SIG007 - Failed to verify the signature


The application in which the QR code is displayed. It is available on App Store and Google Play.

The application updates its parameters - validation rules and signature certificates of EU countries approx. every 24 hours.

Use for travel outside the Czech Republic: from July 1st.

Use for proving within the Czech Republic: the application is available from June 30th.

You can upload more certificates (eg family members) to Tečka by downloading the certificate to, or you can scan the QR code from the certificate you have already downloaded. The validity of the certificate downloaded in Tečka can be verified even without internet access.


You can find image instructions on how to use the Tečka and čTečka applications and the most frequently asked questions and answers at

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