The translations of changes and translations of current measures from 1st March are in progress

maps_ugcWho will be vaccinated first?

Vaccination will take place in the Czech Republic in two phases. In it is the first phase that risk groups and medical staff will be vaccinated.

Vaccination is voluntary and paid for by the health insurance company. No one should be forced to be vaccinated.

I. phase itself is split into A) and B). Starts on 15.1.2021 and shall by ended 28.2.2021. The schedule may be extended depending on the availability of vaccines. Phase 1B is scheduled to run from February to June 2021. 


Vaccination of the most threatened groups of the population will take place in order to prevent of the growth of morbidity and mortality in the elderly (80+) and in institutionalized persons, protection of designated medical staff and persons providing care for selected social service providers.

You can find a list of who it is specifically in a life situation describing it (prioritization process.

In phase 1A, some of these groups will have to register into the Central Reservation System. Namely, seniors over 80 years of age who are not clients of any social or medical facility.

Employees or clients regarding the above points will not have to register for vaccination, this applies to clients if they are permanently accommodated there. They get it at the home facility.

The above groups were chosen with regard to the high degree of threat to their health and to ensure the functionality of the health system in the Czech Republic from the point of view of the threat of a shortage of medical staff.

The aim is to vaccinate 70% of this group (1A), and if the goal is not achieved, it can only be due to insufficient interest (vaccination is voluntary).

Timeline of 1A

From 15 January, seniors will be able to register in the Central Reservation System, either on their own behalf or with assistance.

From 26 January, medical staff and persons providing care with selected social service providers can register.

These two data do not apply to medical staff and seniors who will be vaccinated in health facilities (either they are employed or patients/clients).

Medical and social facilities in which vaccinations will take place apart from the Central Registration System are obliged to report in advance how many people need to be vaccinated and then report each vaccination to the ISIN (Infectious disease information system). This is to control the handling of the vaccines and to protect the health of the patient so that one of the vaccine doses is not given to them twice. Currently, vaccines from the Pfizer/BioNTech consortium is now available, which is vaccinated at vaccination sites, and possibly as well as a vaccine from Moderna, which is vaccinated directly at the vaccination sites. Thus, vaccination in phase 1A begins with the use of these vaccines.

If you are more comfortable with graphic materials, see the MZČR poster (only in Czech.)


There are two ways how to order vaccinations in this group:

1) Apart from the Central Reservation System, in the case of vaccination center staff (incl. medical students, volunteers and others) or persons involved in the care of COVID-positive people and people working at sampling points and with potentially infectious material (especially if these persons are not listed in the National Register medical staff),

2) Via the Central Reservation System in the case of employees working outside vaccination centers (practitioners, outpatient specialists, pharmacists, home health care workers and others). Validation of persons in this group takes place through the National Register of medical staff.

Prioritization for vaccination within the group of health professionals in phase 1A takes place due to age (preference for older medical staff)

With the availability of the vaccine in the practitioner's office, it will be possible to complete vaccination also in these facilities. The group's prioritization remains the same. Due to the high risk of medical occupation due to the high probability of exposure to a new type of coronavirus, vaccination is maximal the number of healthcare professionals at the earliest possible stage of vaccination is necessary.

You can also read the information on vaccinating patients and users of social services (only in Czech).


Once the vaccination of personnel from phase 1A will be done, another phase will follow. That already includes several different groups, so a certain prioritization will be set. Therefore, you will be able to log in to the system and fill in your data (protected according to GDPR). Based on them, your point score will be calculated and the availability of vaccines will also be taken into account. According to these indicators, you will be asked to register for one of the offered dates. 

1B phase is scheduled from February to May 2021, but once again it will depend on the sufficient availability of the vaccines. The scheduled time period may therefore extend. 

From 1.March 2021 onward, the CRS will be made available for registration and subsequent reservations to persons over 70 years of age, and general practitioners will begin cleaning according to the agreement with the regional coordinators.

between February 27 and March 1, the registration of employees of schools and school facilities will begin, the exact date will be specified, it depends on when the system will be ready.

A particular list of groups regarding phase IB can be found again in prioritization.

Phase 1B ends when 70% of the vaccination of priority groups (1B) will be given or due to lack of interest. At the same time, there will be enough vaccines and vaccination sites available to start vaccination of all persons who require vaccination, without prioritization.

By logging in to the Central Reservation System, you express your free will to be vaccinated. Vaccination will be completely voluntary. The system will also generate a confirmation of vaccination, including support for mobile devices and compatibility with EU and WHO standards.

Phase 1B is characterized by the availability of vaccines from multiple manufacturers. Vaccination will be carried out by the maximum amount of established vaccination sites (DOČM - Distribution vaccination site, OČM - vaccination site and VOČM - Large-capacity vaccination sites) and, depending on the availability of vaccines, general practitioners will be gradually involved. At the same time, large-capacity vaccination sites will be set up for the general public based on the needs of the regions.