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food_bankMode of operation

Rules and recommendations

Restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs are now closed. Restaurant gardens are also closed. However, from 5:00 to 20:59 it is possible to have an open takeout window and sell takeaway food. Food deliveries can work all day.

The exception is restaurants that are not for the public - these are typically employee canteens or catering providers of health and social services (e.g. canteens in sick, elderly homes) or prisons. The second exception are the restaurants in accommodation facilities, which provide food to their guests (e.g. breakfast for hotel guests) – these can operate from 5:00 to 20:59.

Drinking alcohol is prohibited in the area of restaurant establishments, their surroundings and in all public places (e.g. parks, stops, housing estates, squares, shops, etc.).

When you are buying takeaway food, have your mouth and nose covered at all times, keep at least 2 meters of distance from other customers and restaurant staff, use disinfectant and prefer card payment. The more we protect ourselves, the sooner we can go back to eating in restaurants.

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