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Shopping & services

From November 1 onwards, RT-PCR and RAT test results will stay valid only for 72 and 24 hours since the test, respectively.

Rules and recommendations


Shop for more days in advance.

Choose a time to shop when there are fewer people in the store. Stay in the shop for the necessary time only.

All retail stores and farmers' markets are now allowed to open; the customer density limitation (1 customer per 10 sq m vending area maximum) stays in effect. In shops, where the vending area is smaller than 10 sq m this limitation does not apply to a person accompanying a holder of an ID card for severely disabled (TP/ZTP, ZTP/P).

Inside a store, a general obligation to put a respirator on to cover your nose and mouth applies.

When entering and leaving the store, sanitize your hands using the anti-bacterial hand sanitizer located by the entrance.

Ask relatives or neighbours if they would help you buy groceries. It is also possible to use the services of volunteers.


All service stores are now open again as well, same restrictions and limitations as for retail stores apply. Additionally, in order to be allowed to visit a store such as hairdresser's, barber's, a beauty store, manicure, pedicure or massage studio, a tanning salon or similar store, you have to present

  • a RT-PCR test certificate issued not longer than 7 days prior to your visit, provided the test resulted negative,
  • a RAT (so-called rapid antigene) test certificate issued not longer than 72 hours prior to your visit, provided the test resulted negative (a sworn declaration of having undergone such a test at school may also serve as a proof),
  • a proof of a negative result of a RAT carried out on-line under surveillance of a medical worker not longer than 24 hours prior to your visit,
  • a document stating that the last dose (i.e., in case of a two-dose vaccination scheme, the second one, in case of a single-dose vaccination scheme, the first one) has been administered at least 14 days prior to your visit or
  • a declaration of having survived a COVID-19 infection not longer than 180 days prior to your visit (e.g. a SMS message stating your test resulted positive)

upon entering it.

In exceptional cases, you may undergo a RAT (so-called rapid antigene) test on the spot. Please contact the store in advance by phone or e-mail if you would like to take this option.