storefrontShops and services

Shopping malls

Only shops carrying essential goods will be open in shopping centers - especially grocery stores, pharmacies and drugstores.


The operation of hotels and other accommodation services is limited.

Banks and insurance

Written or phone communication is preferred.

Delivery and courier services

Package delivery and courier services are allowed to operate.

Driver's education

Driver's education is not in progress. Driving classes, theory lessons, and final exams are temporarily banned.


Pickup points and delivery services for online stores are allowed to operate.

Health resorts

It is only possible to offer rehabilitation and spa care that is at least partially funded from the public health insurance.

Markets, farmers markets

Sales in stands, marketplaces and farmers markets are banned. The only exception being markets and stands selling specific products.


Rules and recommendations for photographers.

Post Office

The post offices are open, but the opening hours are limited.

Repair shops and after-sale services

Retail sale and the provision of service are not allowed, there are, however, certain exceptions.


What shops can open?


Providing service trades is not allowed at this time.


If you go shopping, follow the hygienic rules.

Theatre, film and other artistic performances

Theatre, film and other artistic performances including circuses and variety shows can no longer take place for the public.


Wholesale is mainly intended for business owners shopping in relation to their business.