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It is possible to provide accommodation services to those who have no symptoms of Covid-19 and prove that they meet one of the conditions (this does not apply to children under 12 years of age), which are described at the O-N-T system: Vaccination - Past disease - Test life situation page. Only the Vaccination Certificate or a declaration of having survived a COVID-19 infection not longer than 180 days prior to your visit are in general accepted now as a proof of absence of infection. PCR test results remain accepted only in exceptional cases.

These persons are allowed to book a stay for up to 7 days; they are obligated to meet the conditions again or to undergo an on-the-spot self test after 7 days if they wish to stay longer, the self test has to result negative.

An exception regarding proving absence of infection applies - it remains possible to use a negative PCR test result (if the testing has been carried out not longer than 72 hours prior to your arrival) to do so, if you are on a business trip, a caregiver for another person, awaiting a medical service or have checked in previously (before this change came into effect).

Apart from these persons, accommodation services can also be provided to

  • persons isolated or quarantined
  • persons without any other place of residence within the area of the Czech Republic, provided their stay has begun prior to June 8, 2021,
  • persons being in housing crisis, provided the booking had been carried out on behalf of them by a self-administration area authority (communal, regional...)

In accommodation facilities, it is necessary to wear a respirator or other protective device in all common areas without an exhalation valve with a filtration efficiency of at least 94% (respirators of class FFP2 / KN 95, nanotray, etc.). During your stay, follow the hygiene rules and, if possible, stay mostly in your hotel room.

In addition, the operator must ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • Upon entering and inside the premises, customers must be able to sanitize their hands. Disinfection must also be placed near frequently touched areas (handles, railings, handrails, switches) so that customers and employees can sanitize their hands regularly.
  • The operator ensures regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces (handles, handrails, railings, switches).

It is also important to take extra care when cleaning the rooms,  towels and bedding. This will significantly reduce the risk of infection (for both residents and employees). And the sooner we will be able to return to hotels with more relaxed rules.

Restaurants in accommodation facilities are subject to the same conditions as other catering facilities. You will find out the exact rules on the Catering Facilities page.

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