The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.


Rules and Recommendations 

All accommodation services are generally prohibited. Private and recreational stays are currently not possible.

Accommodation services can be provided only to persons:

  • for the purpose of a profession, or business and other similar activity
  • whom was ordered to work under the Crisis Act,
  • foreigners until they are able to leave the Czech Republic and foreigners with a work permit in the territory of the Czech Republic,
  • whose been ordered isolation or quarantine,
  • whose accommodation has been arranged by the state, a territorial self-governing unit, also bodies established by the units, for the purpose of releasing the capacities of providers of health or social services, or also for providing accommodation for homeless persons,
  • in order to complete the accommodation started before the entry of this measure.

If the accommodation facilities are operating because of the above exceptions, it is necessary to wear a face mask in all common areas. When staying in, follow the increased hygiene rules and, if possible, stay mostly in your hotel room.

Hotel operators must regularly disinfect all areas (especially handles, corridors, railings, lifts, toilets, etc.). It is also important to take extra care to clean the rooms and handle towels and bedding. This will significantly reduce the risk of infection (for both residents and employees). There is a chance for us to return to the hotels soon, if we follow these measures. 

Exemption applies to the restaurants in accommodation establishments if they provide catering only for accommodated guests. They can stay open from 5 AM until 8:59 PM. At this time, they can also have a dispensing window and sell food and drinks to the public. These windows must follow the same rules as those operated by catering establishments intended for the public.