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attach_moneyBanks and insurance

Rules and recommendations

Banks and insurance companies remain open. You can enter the branch by a maximum of 2 people at the same time. Members of the same household are exempt from this rule. It is not possible to go to the bank during the night curfew between 9 PM and 4:59AM.

However, written or telephone communication should take precedence. You can also do many things online. For example, it is advised to use internet banking.

Only urgent matters should be held in person. Prior to a personal visit to a bank or insurance company, it is a good idea to first call in, check whether the matter can be resolved in writing or via the Internet, and possibly arrange a specific date for the visit.

Wear a face mask at the bank or insurance company at all times and keep a safe distance from other customers and employees. Before entering, disinfect your hands. If you know that you will be signing something, it is good to bring your own pen so that you do not touch objects unnecessarily on the spot.

If possible, give preference to contactless payment (transfers, card payment) before paying in cash. Contactless payment can help reduce the risk of infection.

You can find the rules and possibilities of the state compensation in the Compensation topic.