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Delivery and courier services

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

Rules and recommendation

Package delivery and courier services are allowed to operate.

You can order packages online or by phone and have them delivered to your home. You can also have food or your shopping delivered.

Package pickup points (e.g. Zásilkovna) are allowed to operate as well as online store pickup points. Shops can deliver their products without enlisting the services of another company by having a pickup window.

Online shopping should be preferred over physically entering a shop. Enlisting package delivery and courier services is the easiest way to get your shopping done while the shops are closed. When receiving a package, make sure to follow the hygienic rules. It is good to pay in advance (by transfer), or if paying when receiving the package to pay by card. If possible, unpack the ordered goods outside your living area (e.g. in a garden or in your hallway).

When receiving a package, make sure to wear a mask for the whole time and disinfect your hands before and after. If you follow all of these rules, you can buy everything you need and at a significantly lower risk than in a shop. Please be considerate and protect yourself and others.