The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.


Rules and recommendations

Pickup points and delivery services for online stores are allowed to operate. Shops are allowed to distribute products ordered online in advance without enlisting the services of another company by establishing their own pickup window.

Online shopping should be preferred over going into shops. Ordering online is a great way to get your shopping done while the stores are closed. When receiving a package it is important to follow all hygienic rules. It is good to pay in advance (by transfer) or to pay by card if you pay while receiving your package. If possible, unpack the ordered goods outside your living area (e.g. in a garden or in your hallway).

When receiving merchandise bought online at a pickup point or at home, wear your mask and disinfect your hands before. If you follow all of these rules, you can buy everything you need and at a significantly lower risk than in a shop. Please be considerate and protect yourself and others.

During the state of emergency all consumer rights are protected. You have the right to return or reclaim any merchandise bought online. However, we recommend only sorting out undelayable matters and leaving the rest for when shops start operating as usual again. The most important thing is to protect your health and the health of others, to follow all hygienic rules and not to expose yourself to unnecessary contact with those outside your inner circle.

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