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From midnight of November 25th to November 26th a state of emergency applies in the Czech Republic for a period of 30 days.

Fairs and exhibitions

Trade fairs and exhibitions with the presence of the public can take place.

Group tours are allowed with the following conditions:

  • No one in the group can have symptoms of Covid-19.
  • The group can have a maximum of 20 persons, including a guide.
  • If each participant in the group tour (except for children under 12 years of age) proves before the start of the tour that he meets one of the conditions described in the Life Situation: O-N-(T) system: Vaccination-past disease-Test, the number of participants in this tour is no longer limited.
  • The person who organizes the tour must check the fulfillment of these conditions, and if someone does not meet these conditions, or if he has a positive result of the self-test at the entrance, the organizer must not allow him to participate.

Visitors must wear nose and mouth protection (respirator, eg FFP2, KN 95) and keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others, unless they are persons from the same household. The operator must ensure that no more than 1 person is present per 10 m2 of indoor area that is accessible to the public.

Infectivity can only be proven by a certificate of vaccination and a certificate of past covid-19 disease not older than 180 days. PCR tests are only accepted in exceptional cases. You will find more in the life situation: O-N-(T) system.