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spaHealth resorts

Rules and recommendations

It is only possible to offer rehabilitation and spa care that is at least partially funded by public health insurance. One room can be occupied by only one patient. The exception is for family members or people you live in the same household with.

Self-payers, who do not fulfil the conditions to be covered by public health insurance, can't receive a spa treatment. This also applies to wellness.

If receiving a spa treatment, follow the hygienic measures and wear a mask in common areas. If you have any signs of a respiratory illness (a cough or breathing problems) or a temperature before your stay, consult your doctor whether to get tested or postpone your stay. If you meet someone positive, get tested before you arrive at the spa.

Medical care and other illnesses cannot be neglected as a result of Covid-19. If prescribed by a doctor, and you are without any signs of the coronavirus, you can visit a spa. The more considerate you are towards employees and other guests, such as following all hygienic measures, the more pleasant and safe your stay will be.