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Markets and farmer's markets

Rules and recommendations

The ban on sales in marketplaces, market stalls and mobile establishments (sales in stalls, mobile sales and sales from other mobile devices) and on errand and door-to-door sales is lifted.

However, markets must comply with hygiene and operational measures:

  • spacing between sales points of at least 2 m,
  • the operator shall provide containers of disinfectants at each point of sale.

Foodservice operations

It is possible to operate catering services at markets and to sell food, including beverages for immediate consumption. Tables and seating may also be provided. There is an exemption from the requirement to wear a face mask or respirator when consuming food and drink. 

However, the following conditions apply: 

  • There must be a minimum of 1.5 metres between guests, except for customers seated at a table, where tables and seating are provided. No more than 6 customers, excluding household members, may sit at a table.
  • If the table is long enough, more than one customer may be seated at the table, so that there are at least 1,5 metres between groups of no more than 6 customers (excluding persons from the same household).
  • The operator shall actively prevent people from congregating at a distance of fewer than 1,5 metres. This also applies to the waiting area.

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