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emoji_natureMarkets, farmers markets

Rules and Recommendations 

Stall markets and farmers' markets are generally prohibited. The only exceptions are markets and stalls with selected products. In particular, only fruit and vegetables (fresh or processed), herbs, flowers, milk and milk products, meat (and meat products), including live fish, eggs, bakery and confectionery products, honey and honey products are allowed. These markets can run from 5AM to 8:59PM.

The ban on the sale of products on markets and food trucks and drug stores also does not apply in municipalities where it is not possible to buy these goods in another store (typically in smaller villages where there is no shop).

It is forbidden to operate catering services and to sell bottled or on-site drinks on the markets where they take place (applies to all types of markets and markets held outdoors) also setting up tables and seats is banned. However, it is still possible to provide meals free of charge as part of Christmas events of a charitable nature.

A maximum of 2 people with 2 m spacing can be together. The exemption of household members applies. There must not be more than 1 person per 15 m2 at any time in the area of ​​the market.

Stalls, tables or other sales areas must be located min. 4 meters apart. If you follow this rule, there is no further limit to the size of the market area. However there must be disinfection points at the market. The market operator must ensure ongoing compliance with these measures.

If you are at the market, keep a distance of 2 m and wear a face mask!