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Music, dance, game and disco clubs

The opening time of music, dance and game clubs and similar social clubs and discotheques may open under the following conditions:

  1. A customer above 12 years of age can enter in case that he/she does not show any symptoms of the disease and meets one of the conditions stated at the O-N-(T) system life situation page. Only the Vaccination Certificate as well as a declaration of having survived a COVID-19 infection not longer than 180 days prior to your visit are in general accepted as a proof. PCR test results now stay accepted only in exceptional cases.
  2. It is necessary to wear a respirator or other protective equipment without an exhalation valve with a filtration efficiency of at least 94% (class FFP2 / KN 95), you can uncover your mouth when eating and drinking.
  3. Customers are to be seated so that there is a distance of a least 1.5 meters between them, except for customers sitting at one table.
  4. There may be a maximum of 6 customers seated at one table, except for members of the same household; if the seating capacity of a table is 10 seats or more, more customers may be seated at it, so that there is a distance of at least 1.5 meters between groups of at most 6 customers, except for members of the same household.
  5. The operator must not allow a greater number of customers into the indoor premises of the establishment than the number of seats available to customers in the indoor premises of the establishment.
  6. The operator must actively prevent people from gathering at a distance of fewer than 1.5 meters. This also applies to the waiting area of ​​the establishment.
  7. Customers must be able to sanitize their hands at the point of entry.
  8. The operator must ensure that the table surface and chair handles are disinfected after each customer.
  9. It is necessary to ensure the maximum possible air circulation with the intake of outdoor air (ventilation or air conditioning) without air recirculation.
  10.  Live music performances are allowed to take place again, provided the 2-meter safe distance between the group and the audience can be kept. Additionally, there is no ban to provide wifi for customers.
  11. The operator must ensure that customers are informed about the entry rules described above (vaccination/test/disease) at the point of entry. Additionally, the operator is obligated to check whether a customer has met a O-N-(T) system requirement. To perform this check the operator uses the čTečka (E-Reader) app. Should a customer not have met any of the requirements, he/she will not be allowed to enter the premises or use services provided in the respective establishment.

It is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in the indoor premises of such establishments.


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