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Rules and recommendations

Photography is possible, even with professional photographers. However, taking a photo in a photo studio is prohibited.

It is necessary to follow all hygienic rules and governmental regulations - especially the restriction of free movement. The restriction of free movement only permits the stay of 2 people in public spaces. The exception to this rule applies to members of the same household (family, partners or friends who live together), people who work together, schoolchildren and students. People who this exception applies to, can appear in photos in groups larger than 2.

There is an exception from the obligation to wear a mask for the time needed to take the photograph. You can take off your mask while taking the photo but put it back on when you're finished. The photographer has to wear a mask the whole time.

It is possible to take group photos, specifically family photos, photos with your partner, photos with close friends or photos of newlyweds. It is also possible to take portrait photos without a mask.

The rules surrounding photography try to enable photos with as few restrictions as possible, specifically without masks and social distancing. Despite this, please try to follow the hygienic rules and only take off your mask for the time necessary to take the photo. You will have your picture without a mask, and you'll still be protecting yourself and others.


The obligation to wear a mask follows the extraordinary measures by the Ministry of Health here you can also find the exception concerning photography.

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