The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.


Rules and recommendations

All retail is closed in general.

Only shops carrying essential goods -mainly: pharmacies, grocery stores, drugstores, pet stores, opticians, newsagents, e-shop and Zásilkovna pickup points, laundromats and drycleaners, towing services and carwashes, gas stations, gardening shops, florists, mobile, computer and technical services, locksmiths, hardware stores, household goods, funeral homes.

The shops that are allowed to stay open will be open Monday to Saturday 5:00-20:59. On Sundays they must be CLOSED and during the public holiday too. Only gas stations, pharmacies, shops at airports and train stations and shops at medical facilities are allowed to be open on Sundays.

All shops that are not listed as exemptions have to be closed. Such as clothes and shoe shops, bookstores, jewelry shops, stationery shops, hobby markets, shops selling furniture and flooring and shops selling electronics.

If you go shopping, follow the hygienic rules (Hygiene section). For the whole duration of shopping, it is necessary to wear a mask and to social distance (especially when waiting in a queue). Before entering the shop, disinfect your hands, and repeat after returning home. For more protection, shopping in gloves can be recommended. Don't touch any surfaces unnecessarily and use gloves when picking out fruit, vegetables or baked goods.

If you are part of a higher risk group or are in quarantine (isolation), ask a neighbor, relative or friend to do your shopping. If this isn't possible, you can reach out to volunteers. Help and deliveries to high risk groups and the infected), who will be happy to help. You can also order online and get your shopping delivered to your doorstep.

Shopping centers can only be entered in groups of 2. The exemption being children under 15 accompanied by an adult from the same household (typically parents, grandparents or siblings living with the child). Reservation of 15 square meters for one customer is mandatory for any shop or service establishments. Customers also have to keep a 2-meter distance from each other. For example in an establishment with an area of 29 square meters can be only one customer present at a time. The only exception is being accompanied by a child younger than 15 years of age. Mandatory for shops and service establishment is also the management of queues. This regulation applies to the inner area and also areas outside the establishment.

Try to shop online. If you enter a shop, follow all hygienic measures, social distance and pay by card. We have to shop but it is a place where we encounter a lot of people, so please, be responsible. You are protecting yourself and others.