The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.


The operation of services in establishments is generally prohibited.

The only exceptions are:

  • laundries and dry cleaners,
  • car services
  • providers of car recovery, breakdown and towing
  • ticket offices,
  • construction and demolition companies, project management for construction, geological work, land surveying, testing, measurement and analysis during construction work,
  • services for computer and telecommunication technology, audio and video receivers, consumer electronics, devices and other household products,
  • premises of real estate mediation and activities of accounting consultants, bookkeeping, tax assessment,
  • locksmith and service shops for other household products
  • repair, maintenance and installation of household machinery and equipment,
  • funeral services, embalming and preservation, cremation of human remains, including the placing of human remains in urns,
  • car washes,
  • collection and purchase of raw materials and composting plants,
  • stone processing establishments (eg production of monuments, tombstones and their installation),
  • establishments providing the service of grooming (dogs and cats included),
  • establishments enabling the collection of goods and consignments purchased remotely.

Closed must have:

  • swimming pools, saunas, paddling pools, wellness facilities, solariums or salt caves (if their services are not provided as part of health care)
  • casinos, gambling houses and betting offices
  • fitness center
  • hairdressing, manicure
  • and other services not specified in the exceptions.

The general ban does not apply to activities that are not trades under the Trade Licensing Act.

If an establishment normally provides more than one type of service, at least one of which is now permitted by exception, the establishment may be open. However, the operator may only provide a service permitted under the exceptions in the establishment. It cannot allow public access to the part of the establishment where the prohibited service is provided.

Rules and recommendations

Some services (e.g hairdresser) can be provided at home, as the ban only applies to the provision of services in the establishment. As the risk of infection is now higher again, please provide household services only in exceptional cases.

If you use any of the services, follow the hygiene rules. Wear a face mask, keep the recommended distance and regularly disinfect/wash your hands, ideally pay cashless. Please be responsible. This way you will protect yourself and others.

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