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It is possible to purchase only the basic sortiment. You can enter the shops and centers by a maximum of 2 people. Members of one household are exempt (typically parents with children).

Rules and recommendations

If you go shopping, follow hygiene rules. It is necessary to wear a face mask and to keep distances from other customers (especially in the queue at the cash desk). Before entering the shop, disinfect your hands, and repeat after returning home. For greater protection, it is recommended to wear gloves. Do not touch any surface unnecessarily and use gloves when picking fruits, vegetables or pastries.

Retails may stay open from 5AM to 8:59PM, and will remain closed on public and non-public holidays. You will only be able to buy basic necessities, such as food, hygiene supplies, pet supplies, pharmacies, hardware stores, ... a complete list of exceptions is now available in the topic RETAIL - you will also find a complete list of hygiene and organizational measures there.

If you are part of a higher risk group or are in quarantine (isolation), ask a neighbour, relative or friend to do your shopping. If this isn't possible, you can reach out to volunteers, who will be happy to assist you. You can also order online and get your shopping delivered to your doorstep.

Try to take advantage of online shopping. If you go to the store, follow the maximum hygiene measures, keep your distance from other people and pay with a card. Shopping is a basic necessity, but it's a place with a high risk of infection, so please be responsible. You are not only protecting yourself but also others.