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Shopping malls

Rules and recommendations

For operators of individual shops in the shopping centers, the conditions set out in the Retailing section also apply, where you will also find information on what hygiene and operational measures must be followed. For services, the same, specific services and operating rules for service establishments can be found in Services.

The operator of a shopping center with a sales area exceeding 5,000 m2 (only in Czech) must ensure:

  • In the indoor space of the premises, it is necessary to ensure the maximum possible air circulation with the intake of outside air (ventilation or air conditioning) without air recirculation. In the case of air handling or heat recovery (without air recirculation), ensure that there is no contact between the outgoing and incoming air through the enthalpic moisture exchangers
  • visible signage indicating the instruction to maintain a 1.5 m spacing between persons in publicly accessible areas in the shopping center (e.g. in the form of infographics, spots on the center's radio, etc.).

It is possible to provide wifi connection for the public in the shopping centers.

Children's corners may be opened under the conditions stated here: children's corners.  The operator must keep a record of all children present in the play area for possible epidemiological investigations. The record must include the name, surname, and contact details of the legal guardian (ideally a telephone number). The records must then be kept for 30 days from the date of the event. 

Catering facilities may be open in shopping centers, but it is forbidden to consume food on premises of shopping centers,  but it is possible to use the takeaway service. The operator is not obliged to carry out O-N-(T) checks using the čTečka app. They can also use courier services that can pick up food for delivery in these establishments.

For more details on O-N-(T) control in catering establishments, see Life Situation: Frequently Asked Questions on Catering Operations (only in Czech).

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