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From September 1, tests will not be reimbursed anymore (except for semi-vaccinated persons, children and some other groups).

Shopping malls

Rules and Recommendations 

Only stores with the basics remain open in shopping centers. The rest remained closed. The conditions stated in the Life Situation: Retail apply to the operators of individual stores in shopping malls, you will also find a list of stores that may remain open. And which hygienic and operational measures must be observed.

You can enter the shops and shopping centres by a maximum of 2 people. Members of one household are exempt from this rule (typically parents with children).

The operator of the shopping center must prevent mass gatherings in all places where this can be expected, e.g entrances from underground garages, areas in front of elevators, escalators, travellers, toilets, etc., as well as rest areas (benches, chairs, seats etc.)

The operator will also ensure:

  • maximum possible air circulation with outdoor air intake (ventilation or air conditioning) without air recirculation in the building,
  • at least one person who oversees compliance and reminds customers and others to follow the rules,
  • that organizational instructions are communicated to customers and other persons, in particular in the form of information boards, leaflets, screens, radio, etc.,
  • visible marking of the instruction to observe the spacing of 2 m between persons on publicly accessible areas in the shopping center (eg in the form of infographics, spots in the radio of the center, etc.)

Wi-Fi must be turned off. Children's corners must be closed.

Food corners cannot be opened in shopping centres with a sales area exceeding 5,000 m2 (only in Czech). Only the dispensing window can be open under the same conditions as other restaurants, they can also use the courier services.