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Shopping malls

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

Rules and recommendations

For operators of individual shops in the Shopping centers, the conditions set out in the Retailer's Guide apply, where you will also find information on what hygiene and operational measures must be observed. For services, the same applies; you can find the specific services and operating rules for service establishments in Services.

No special hygiene measures apply now. However, we still recommend that you observe the basic recommendations, disinfect your hands regularly, and observe 1.5 m spacing if possible.

Shopping centers can provide wifi access for the public.

Children's corners

Children's corners may be opened under the conditions stated here: children's corners. 

Food court   
Catering facilities can be opened in shopping centers, food consumption in the shopping centers "food courts" is possible without special restrictions, it is also possible to use the "take away" service. There is no obligation to prove the O-N rules. There are also courier services that can pick up food for delivery in these establishments. 

Frequent questions about this topic

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