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Social situations

Care-giver’s allowance

Compensation for self-employed and care-giver allowance for employees/ DPP/ DPČ

Caregiver’s allowance for self-employed: Call for April and May 2021

The program is intended for self-employed persons who must stay at home with a child for reasons caused by anti-pandemic measures.

Employment support

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs offers employers and self-employed persons a number of financial contributions for maintaining and creating jobs.

Execution and insolvency

The Ministry of Justice has prepared a set of measures to mitigate the effects of the epidemic in context with the insolvency law.

Extraordinary immediate assistance MOP COVID-19

Information about benefits for people who find themselves in financial distress due to the coronavirus crisis.

Grief and loss

Help with the financial and psychological consequences of losing a loved one.

Impossibility to repay a loan or a mortgage - citizen

It is best to contact a specific loan provider.

Job loss - social situation

Job loss regarding to Covid 19.

Legal help - social situation

If you need an advice in legal field there are many organizations where you can ask for help.

Material need

Conditions and rules of benefits in material need.

Nursing allowance

The nursing allowance is intended for employees who have to take care of their children at the time of closed schools.

Rent - subsidy

If you do not have enough income for current housing due to the coronavirus epidemic, you can apply for a Housing Allowance.

Support for families with children

Description of state support for families with children.