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Execution and insolvency

This Life Situation has been archived.

Lex covid justice II

In response to the current situation regarding the spread of the Covid-19 disease, the Ministry of Justice has prepared a set of measures to mitigate the effects of the epidemic in context with the insolvency law.

The set of new measures, the so-called lex covid justice II, expands the range of facts important for not canceling the approved debt relief, or prolongs the possibility of suspending the implementation of the reorganization plan without the threat of turning the reorganization into bankruptcy.

Entrepreneurs who have been economically stable so far, but have run into temporary economic difficulties due to the pandemic, and those difficulties should disappear after the end of the state of emergency, are deferred from filing an insolvency petition (the purpose is to free up capacity to avert bankruptcy).

Furthermore, the possibility of using the protection of the so-called extraordinary moratorium, for which the deadline for submitting proposals expired on 31 August 2020, has been renewed until 30 June 2021. The law is in power since 13 November 2020