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Impossibility to repay a loan or a mortgage - citizen

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.


It is best to contact a specific loan provider. The activities of banking and non-banking providers are not directly limited by government measures. They can therefore continue to function, so contact the institution you need directly. If you decide to go to one of their branches, we recommend that you check the opening hours of the particular branch in advance. It may have been modified in connection with Covid-19. However, please only sort out urgent matters and prioritise online communication.

Currently, banks and non-bank lenders allow individual solutions for your specific case. Most banks have clear forms on their websites for this purpose. If the bank does not respond to you, you always have the opportunity to have your request checked with the banks ombudsman. In these cases, clients of non-bank companies can contact the Czech Leasing and Financial Association or the Association of Non-Bank Lenders.

Another option is to contact the Financial Arbiter. And if you still have financial difficulties, contact Financial Distress Counseling