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Job loss - social situation

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.


Losing a job is always an unpleasant experience and life situation. The following lines are here to help you find a new job according to your wish. Ideally, before you become unemployed. The whole procedure of what to do was written by the Labour Office on their website

The list of vacancies maintained by the Labor Office will help you find a job. You can also place your job advertisement on the MLSA website (only in Czech). If you want to change your job or you risk losing your current one, apply for inclusion in the register of job seekers. The employment office can then arrange a new job for you. If you have already lost your job, apply for job placement and you can apply for unemployment benefits at the same time as this application. This support will help you when you are looking for a new job. The basic condition for this support is that you have worked for at least 12 months in the last two years. You can find the exact conditions on the MLSA website.

If you are applying for job placement or for registering jobseekers, you can communicate with the employment office online. Electronic contact is currently recommended. Instructions can be found on the website of the Labor Office (only in Czech).

What help is offered to you in finding and starting a new job (such as support for requalification) is described in Life situation: Employment Support.

If you get into material need, the information in Life situation: Material Need and LS Extraordinary Immediate Help will help you.

If you are a family with children, see what contributions you may be entitled to at the life situation Family Support for Children.

If you have returned from the EU/EEA/Switzerland where you terminated your employment, you can find information on what to do here.

We wish you good luck. We would like to remind you that here on this site you will also find information about possible compensations, benefits, and also where to seek professional psychological help if necessary.