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Material need

If you have had a significant reduction or loss of income, you can apply for recurring benefits of assistance in material need, such as a living allowancehousing supplement and and emergency immediate assistance.These benefits respond to a sudden drop in income. Overview of applications

Direct and rapid assistance to people who have found themselves in a difficult financial situation due to the coronavirus epidemic is through the emergency immediate assistance of COVID-19. This benefit is used to cover basic living needs, including housing costs and related mortgages. More information can be found in Extraordinary Immediate Assistance MOP COVID-19 and on the MPSV website.

All the above benefits are applied for at the Labor Office of the Czech Republic. After the end of the emergency state, it is no longer possible to submit applications just by an e-mail. However, you can continue to communicate with the Labor Office of the Czech Republic electronically, via a data box or by e-mail with an electronically recognized signature. A personal visit to the Labor Office of the Czech Republic is therefore not always necessary. Another option is to send the documents by post (with a handwritten signature) or hand them in during office hours at the registry office or in mailboxes usually located at the entrance to the relevant contact office of the Labor Office of the Czech Republic. See the press release for more information.

Are you looking for more information about Izolačka - subsidy in addition to sick leave? You can find more information in Refund of wages.

Homeless people have the opportunity to test themselves for free with antigen self-tests, which will be provided to them through social services that are in contact with them. You can read more information in the press release of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

If you get into other life situations, it is possible to ask for other emergency immediate help, which is provided in case of a sudden life event:

There is a health risk and your income is lower than the amount of the subsistence minimum (currently CZK 2,490) 

condition: the applicant does not qualify for recurring benefits 

amount: the maximum is the amount that will supplement the person's income to the subsistence minimum, for a dependent child to the subsistence minimum (i.e. for children under 6 years CZK 1,970, for children from 6 to 15 years CZK 2,420, for children from 15 to 26 flight 2 770 CZK) 

The applicant must be an individual, in the case of a minor a legal representative 

Serious emergency (eg natural disaster, fire, environmental and industrial accidents) 

condition: the applicant is not able to cope with the damage by his own finances, or needs help for a certain period of time (e.g. before the insurance company provides benefits) 

amount: the maximum is 15 times the amount of the individual's subsistence minimum, i.e. up to CZK 57,900 

The applicant may be an individual or several persons together. 


Need to pay the necessary expenses (e.g. administrative fees, accommodation, security, etc.) 

condition: the applicant does not have sufficient funds to cover the necessary one-off expenses associated in particular with the payment of an administrative fee in case of proven loss of identity documents, duplicate birth certificate or documents needed for employment, payment of fares in case of loss of funds or payment for accommodation. In justified cases, this benefit can also be granted for the payment of a deposit (security). 

amount: to be determined taking into account the specific eligible expenditure 

The applicant must be an individual, in the case of a minor a legal representative.

Education or hobby of a dependent child: 

condition: necessary school aids, or the child's participation in hobby activities necessary for his proper development when an unnecessarily expensive form of aids and activities is not chosen. At the same time, partial funding from other sources such as school funds, children's centres, insurance companies, parents employers, cities etc. is not possible

amount: according to the amount of the specific cost, max. 10 times the amount of the subsistence minimum, i.e. CZK 38,600 

The applicant may be an individual or several persons together. 


Acquisition or repair of necessary household equipment (e.g. washing machine, bed, refrigerator) 

condition: for the applicant, it is only a very necessary item and he is not able to get it any other way (e.g. with the help of non-profit organizations, as a gift etc.). At the same time, there is no danger that a third party will be enriched by the subject, nor is the item too expensive (the benefit is provided for the cheapest item). 

amount: according to the amount of the specific cost, max. 10 times the amount of the subsistence minimum, i.e. CZK 38,600 

The applicant may be an individual or several persons together. 


There is a risk of social exclusion (e.g. release from prison)

condition: it is mainly a person who:

  1. is released from custody or imprisonment, 
  2. is discharged from a medical facility, psychiatric hospital or medical facility for addictive diseases after the end of the treatment of addictive diseases
  3. is released from a school facility for institutional or protective education or from foster care after reaching the age of maturity, respectively at the age of 19
  4. does not satisfactorily fulfil vital needs because he is a homeless person or a person whose rights and interests are threatened by the crime of another person. 

amount: max. CZK 1,000, the sum of benefits in a calendar year may not exceed 4 times the amount of the individual's subsistence minimum, i.e. CZK 15,440.

 It is possible to grant the dose repeatedly in one month. 


Exceptionally, the immediate emergency assistance may also be provided for expenditure which has already been forced to be reimbursed by the beneficiary. It is not provided for a purpose for which another social benefit has already been provided. Furthermore, it is not provided for medicine, medical procedures, compensatory aids and their repair or payment for spare parts. At the same time, the beneficiary may be asked to demonstrate what he/she has used the emergency aid for. The beneficiary may be overpaid if he does not use it for the purpose stated in the application.

The application can be submitted electronically (with an electronic signature or via a data box) and in writing to the relevant Labor Office, according to the applicant's permanent residence. If the situation requiring emergency assistance occurred in a region other than the applicant's permanent residence, the application may be submitted in writing to the Labor Office, which includes the district in which the situation occurred.