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Rent - subsidy

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.


If you do not have enough income for current housing due to the coronavirus epidemic, you can apply for a Housing Allowance. If you are already receiving it, you can also receive the Housing Supplement. MOP COVID-19 Extraordinary Immediate Assistance can help you pay for housing.

Receiving the Housing Allowance is a condition for obtaining the Housing Supplement. An exception is a situation where the income of jointly assessed persons exceeded the amount of their subsistence but did not exceed 1.3 times this amount. 

Both chambers of the Parliament of the Czech Republic supported the increase of the housing allowance. You can calculate if and what amount you will be entitled to, in the calculator prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The Labor Office of the Czech Republic has also set up an infoline for citizens affected by the energy crisis. You can call +420 950 180 070.

Housing allowance 

Conditions: the owner or tenant of an apartment is entitled to a housing allowance if his housing costs exceed 30% (in Prague 35% of the family's decisive - net - income and at the same time this 30% (again 35% in Prague) of the decisive (net) income The normative cost of housing is determined as the average total cost of housing according to the size of the municipality and the number of household members.

Amount: Derived from location, number of family members, etc. 

More: Sample calculations of the contribution, information on who is taken as a family in the application, instructions for submitting the application and all the necessary forms can be found on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs website. 


Housing supplement

The amount is determined in such a way that after the payment of housing costs (i.e. rent, housing-related services and energy costs) the person or family has a living amount left. Persons who have acquired the right of ownership or the right to use an apartment (other than living space, dormitory) do not become entitled to the supplement after the date on which a measure of a general nature was announced by the municipal authority in the locality where the housing supplement is to be provided. 

Conditions: The housing supplement can be provided to persons using an approved apartment or part thereof, a residential social service, a hostel, other than living space, or to owners using a building for individual or family recreation. 

Amount: to be determined individually. 

More: What is considered when applying and how to apply for a supplement

It is also possible to apply for a living allowance from the system of assistance in material need. Entitlement arises if the income of a person or family is lower than the amount of subsistence. More information 

In addition, for families with children, it is possible to apply for a child benefit from the state social support system. A dependent child is entitled to a child benefit if the decisive (net) income in the family is less than 2.7 times the family's subsistence level. More information