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Support for families with children

This Life Situation is archived. The text below may not be up to date.

Families with children are entitled to special state support. Therefore, if you find yourself in financial difficulties as a family, do not hesitate to apply for any of the following contributions.

A woman who has given birth to her first or second child is entitled to a maternity benefit. In order to achieve this support, the family's net income in the last quarter must not exceed 2.7 times the family's subsistence level. This condition also applies to the child allowance to which the dependent child is entitled. Families with children are entitled to housing allowance if their housing costs exceed 30% (35% in the capital city of Prague) of the family's net income. If there was a death in your family, take a look at here, where you will find social and psychological help at a difficult time.

MOP COVID-19 Emergency Immediate Assistance can help you pay for the bill.