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Antigen tests (Rapid antigen test - RAT)

What is antigen test and how does it work

Antigen test is a test that can recognize viral proteins – more specifically the envelope and membrane proteins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which occurs in the infected person’s body during the ongoing infection. Antigen tests of high quality performed in the laboratory can, therefore, detect persons without symptoms. Another type of antigen test is the so-called rapid antigen test, the sensitivity of which is limited. Thus, this test should be performed at persons who already have symptoms of the COVID-19 disease or repeatedly at persons who do not have symptoms.

Advantages of antigen test

  • quick results (approx. 30 minutes since testing)
  • price

Disadvantages of antigen test

  • lower sensitivity than at PCR test

How does the sampling look like

After your arrival (you can also use a sampling point with drive-in), you will be identified, and the paramedic will take a sample from your nasopharynx by wiping it with a narrow brush. The sampling takes only a few seconds. The results should be provided within 20-30 minutes. The sampling point will inform you of the result either on the spot, by a text message or by email.

How do I get a certificate of recovery

Certificate of recovery is generated on the 10th day since sampling, only if the antigen test was performed by a healthcare professional and only if the tested person shows symptoms of the disease.