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Do I need a request to visit a sampling point?

A request is not mandatory for visiting a sampling point.

Testing with a request

In case you have symptoms of acute respiratory disease, contact your general practitioner who will issue you a request for PCR test. The request issued by the GP is being saved into the electronic system and all sampling points have access to it. You do not need it electronically nor in paper form (they will find it in the sampling point by your birth number).

Testing of self-payers

It is possible to undergo the test even without the request. You can find the list of sampling points on the Central reservation system – by clicking on „samoplátci (self-payers)“ in the healthcare insurance filter. Be aware that a test without a request is not covered by the healthcare insurance and you need to pay for it yourselves, since it is not a test performed based on the physician’s indication but on your own request.


An e-request cannot be issued by the Infoline 1221 workers.

Always bring your ID and a health insurance card.