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How to get tested?

In case you have symptoms, your physician will issue you an eRequest for the RT-PCR test or performs an antigen test.

The workers on the Infoline 1221 cannot issue you an eRequest.

When the physician issues you the request, you will choose a testing centre on UZIS website (in Czech). There is also a website for all testing centers in Prague -, where you can book the date of testing.

If you are not sent there by your physician, you can pay for the test yourselves.

The maximum price for a standard RT-PCR test with results within 48 hours is 853 CZK without VAT (200 CZK without VAT for the collection and 653 CZK without VAT for the PCR test). The price can be a few crowns higher if the collected samples need to be transported to the laboratory. Surcharges for above-standard services are possible. The maximum price for an antigen test is 201 CZK without VAT. If there is a  sampling point which requires more money, you can ask for a breakdown of prices, i.e. the explanation of what you are paying for.

Positive self-test

If your self-test has had a positive result, we recommend confirming the result with a professionally performed test. Or you can try contacting your physician and discuss the next steps with him.

Before the sampling

Do not clean your teeth, and do not eat or drink at least 1-2 hours before the sampling. This way there is a higher chance to detect the virus.


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