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From midnight of November 25th to November 26th a state of emergency applies in the Czech Republic for a period of 30 days.

Information on the comprehensive testing

As of November 22, the preventive tests are paid for from the healthcare insurance the following ways:

a) 5 RT-PCR tests per month to people 

  • who are under 18,
  • who cannot get vaccinated against COVID-19 disease due to their health condition and have their contraindication written in the IDIS system, 
  • who are vaccinated but the period of 14 days after the second dose has not yet passed

b) 2 RT-PCR tests per month to people

  • who are fully vaccinated and it has been more than 14 days since the last dose of the vaccine

As of November 22, the comprehensive preventive antigen testing is canceled.



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