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Who pays for the test?

Regarding the cancellation of pandemic emergency, the right to one preventive PCR test a month for free ceased on May 5, 2022.

By the public healthcare insurance are covered only diagnostic tests and only when your physician assesses your health and issues you a request. If you have a request from your physician, you do not pay for a diagnostic test.

Test without a request, so-called preventive test, is not covered by a public healthcare insurance and you need to pay for it yourselves (you are self-payers), since it is a test performed on your own request. PCR test costs CZK 814 at maximum, antigen test CZK 201 at maximum without VAT. These prices have been established by the Price Regulation of the Ministry of Health 2/2021/CAU published in the Ministry of Health’s Journal. Any additional increase of price needs to be reasoned by the sampling point and you always need to be offered an option established by the Price Regulation.