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question_answerDelays in tracing and testing

Rules and recommendations

I was in risky contact with a positive person. I know this from them, but the hygiene station hasn't called me yet and it's been more than 2 days.

The capacity of hygienists is now exhausted, since they are trained professionals, it is not possible to get hundreds more in a few months. That's why it's fastest to call your contacts you met with by yourself. If you do not want to do it, use the Self-tracing form. If it's been more than 48 hours since your contact with the positively tested person, the hygiene will probably not call you. The probability of infection in your contacts is as high as in yours and decreases with each subsequent contact. In any case, immediately go into isolation and observe your health. The subsequent procedure depends on whether you develop symptoms of the infection within five days after the contact.

  1. The symptoms of the infection have manifested themselves - contact your general doctor, who will issue you an eŽádanka (online request for testing), and get tested as soon as possible - if you have the opportunity, go to the drive-in testing stations. It is possible to have someone drive you there, if you have both wear a face mask, keep an open window and you will not touch anything in the car unless it's necessary. If the result of your test is positive, let your contacts know and inform your general doctor, who will tell you how to proceed with the treatment, or write you an eNeschopenka (online sick note for your employer).
  2. If the symptoms of the infection did not show, let your contacts know they can end their isolation. Please wait another 5 days yourself (total length of preventive quarantine is 10 days), then you can end the self-quarantine. Note: A risky contact is a contact in an enclosed space, at a distance shorter than 2m when neither side is wearing a face mask.

I was on the test more than 24 hours ago, but I have not yet received the result.

Wait another 24 hours, the delay may be caused by a technical complication or the queue of taken tests is too long. Stay in isolation during that time. If you still do not receive the information of the result after 48 hours, call the facility where you got tested. Your contact form might have had the wrong contact details. You can find a list of contacts on the website of the Ministry of Health.

You can also call 1221, the general line, where they can look into the testing system. But keep in mind that the 1221 line operators are not doctors or paramedics. Therefore, according to the law, they cannot tell you if your test is positive (give you a diagnosis), they can only tell you if it's negative. In the case of positivity, they can only tell you that they see the result, but they cannot tell you. This more or less means that you are positive and it is already information that you can work with. Do not call for hygiene, they can't help you with that matter.