The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

question_answerEmployer/Employee relations

I need the confirmation of a negative test result for the employer.

Contact your general practitioner, explain the situation to them, and arrange eŽádanka (online request for testing facilities) for the testing facility.

My employer insists on my physical presence at work, even though I should be quarantined.

The rights to order a quarantine is in the hands of the general practitioner or the regional hygienic station. The employer is obliged to accept the employee's absence from work due to the ordered quarantine.
According to Section 192 of the Labor Code, the employee has the right to compensation of wages or salary from the employer for the period of the first 14 calendar days of the duration of the ordered quarantine. You are entitled to a wage or salary compensation to 60% of the reduced average earnings. Subsequently, if the ordered quarantine lasts longer than 14 calendar days, the employee is entitled to a sickness insurance benefit for individual calendar days, i.e. sickness insurance paid by the OSSZ.


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