The translations of changes on PES 5 are in progress.

exploreTravelling abroad


Find out what rules apply to you before entering a foreign country (e.g. PCR test, quarantine, etc.) on the Traveler's Map. Also, check the current hygiene measures at the airport.

Business trips abroad

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic has launched a new free service that will help Czech companies with visas even where countries do not currently issue the necessary documents.

Cross-border workers, business trips to the CZ

If you are one of the cross-border workers, it is recommended to continuously check the website of the embassy of the country in which you work. Conditions change dynamically.

Crossing the green border

Rules and recommendations for crossing the green border.

Family or partner abroad

If you need to travel to your family or partner in necessary cases, check what rules apply in individual countries on the Traveler's Map.


Rules and recommendations for the people arriving to and departing from Slovakia.

Students abroad

Contact the relevant foreign school or institution before the planned trip, and check whether the lessons are taking place and what the current conditions are.

The traveler’s map (conditions of entry into the country / obligations upon return to the Czech Republic)

Traveling conditions associated with measures against coronavirus can be found on the Traveler's map.

Traveling to/from Great Britain and Northern Ireland from December 20, 2020 onwards

Povinnosti osob, které cestují z/do Velké Británie a Severního Irska.


Visa services can only be fully renewed at the embassies of the so-called "green states", i.e. those with a low risk of contracting COVID-19.